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How much closer are we to the 3G sunset?

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment. He has more than 15 years of B2B journalism experience covering the likes of trucking and construction equipment, real estate, movies and craft beer industries.


We harped on it all last year: The 3G sunset is coming–and that means that there are still a staggering number of trucks with older telematics devices that need to be upgraded to 4G LTE units. Connecting with Peter Mitchell, senior vice president, general manager, Verizon Connect, an update on the network sunset was at the top of the talking points. So, click the video above for a network sunset update from the world’s largest wireless provider, but stay for the sprawling truck technology conversation that covers everything from asset tracking to in-vehicle video solutions.

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The conversation continues

Last time we talked with Peter it was (checks notes) … only six months ago?! Is that right? (Asks assistant). The date checks out, but it feels like a year or more ago given how fast the truck technology landscape evolves. Despite how long it feels thanks to new supply chain challenges or equipment availability bottlenecks that continue to roll our way, Peter and I picked right back from where we left our conversation from last summer. It’s worth revisiting for those who may have missed it the first time around. Click below:

Kontent from Kevin

Verizon Connect’s Kevin Aries is a staple of our truck technology panel of experts. In the conversation above, I noted his contributions to Fleet Equipment in 2021, and here I’m making good on the links. Click below for his excellent technology insight.

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