Five time-saving apps for tech-savvy truck operators
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Five time-saving apps for tech-savvy fleets


Mobile devices have made their ways into today’s trucks. Sylectus, a web-based trucking software for truck fleet management, highlighted several apps geared toward the trucking industry, enabling fleet managers who deploy mobile solutions to their fleet to increase productivity. Sylectus reports that these apps allow fleets to work smarter, not harder.

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Here’s are the top five mobile apps the software company has put together:

  • Sylectus Mobile—According to the company, this app helps drivers streamline operation with document uploading, tracking and messaging functions when integrated with Sylectus’ TMS system.
  • AroundMe—This app, according to Sylectus, makes drivers feel at home in any city by identifying local points of interest, including banks, coffee shops, bars, gas stations and hospitals.
  • Waze—Sylectus noted that Waze is a first-of-its kind social GPS platform that allows drivers to create local driving communities by sharing real-time updates on road conditions and providing alternative routes to help drivers save time wasted.
  • Fuelbook—Fuelbook gives drivers the most bang for their buck at the pump by providing drivers with up-to-date fuel process at the gas stations closest to them, according to Sylectus.
  • Trucker Tools—This mobile app connects drivers with the closest service locations, cheapest gas, local weather updates, information on permits and IFTA and access to Overdrive, Sylectus noted.

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