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A New Breed of Air Filter, Built to Do More in the U.S.A.

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In today’s heavy-duty industry, it’s rare to find a product that is designed, developed, tested and built in the U.S.A.

Finer-Flow continues Luber-finer’s long-standing tradition of creating innovative filtration technology at our U.S.-based research, development and manufacturing centers. This new line of heavy-duty engine air filter is the result of years of exploration in new filter media designs, materials and chemistry.

American-made manufacturing equipment, filtration media and a hybrid adhesive – all specifically designed for Finer-Flow filters – combine to create Luber-finer’s new Precision Pleat Technology™. This patent-pending technology forms the filter media into tall, deep-draw pleats with tight pleat spacing to deliver the maximum amount of filtration surface area.

How Does Precision Pleat Technology Work?

Custom-formulated adhesive beads seal the edges and create precise, even separation between each pleat to keep contaminants inside the filter.

Dirty air enters a pleat channel and is filtered in one pass through the media. Clean air is forced into an adjacent, alternately sealed pleat channel and travels on to the engine.

What Makes Finer-Flow Better?

Compared to the top competing filters, Luber-finer’s in-house testing confirms that the Finer-Flow LAF6260A:

  • Traps more dirt with enhanced technology
  • Optimizes performance with maximum air flow
  • Protects your engine with OE-leading efficiency

Offering outstanding coverage for the most popular on-road applications, Finer-Flow is the latest example of Luber-finer’s dedication to making continuous advancements in filtration technology.

Find out how American-made Finer-Flow air filters are Built to Do More for you at:

This article was sponsored by Luber-finer.


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A New Breed of Air Filter, Built to Do More in the U.S.A.

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