A service dashboard data use-case: Truck tire maintenance

A service dashboard data use-case: Truck tire maintenance

If you’re just dipping your toe into the dashboard deep-end, finding a system to help provide visibility and control of your fleet’s tire program is a good place to start.

To that end, Dana has developed its Rhombus TireAnalytics dashboard, which was created to give a fleet visibility and control of its tire program to reduce over-the-road breakdowns, increase tire life and make informed tire purchase decisions, according to Dana Director of Field Sales Mike Schwanzl.

“Rhombus makes it easy for a maintenance manager to analyze and act on their data; this is the primary value of employing the Rhombus TireAnalytics system,” Schwanzl says. “The app identifies tire-related issues during the regular preventive maintenance process before they become severe in nature. Additionally, Rhombus can predict future tire needs based on past usage, making budgeting for tire purchases simpler and allowing for more negotiating power.”

Rhombus TireAnalytics is a cloud-based system that requires no additional IT infrastructure or support, Schwanzl says, adding that this makes for an easy switch from a paper or manual system. Rhombus is also pre-integrated with Android and iOS mobile applications which automatically feed data into it.

“Tire identification and inspection data can also be collected in the mobile application from the camera and over Bluetooth-compatible tools,” Schwanzl says. “Automatic alert notifications of tire conditions and issues can be sent via SMS text, e-mail or accessed via reporting.”

“Tires are a top expense and a major factor in ensuring safety, uptime and regulatory compliance,” he adds. “Ensuring tires are properly maintained with a tire service dashboard and maintenance system such as Rhombus TireAnalytics will allow a fleet to improve its uptime, on-time delivery record, and CSA scores while reducing costs.”

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