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ACT Research announces Vision 2025 to track key trends


ACT Research is developing a multi-client study to define a vision of the U.S. transportation and trucking industry for 2025 and to identify and describe key trends that will take us from now to 10 years out.

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“The U.S. economy is increasing in size, complexity, sophistication, and diversity, and it demands a transportation infrastructure to match,” said Ken Vieth, ACT’s Senior Partner and General Manager. “The motor freight industry is a key part of the economy, and its growth is testimony to its success in serving the needs of shippers, businesses, and households. However, the last ten years have been challenging; recognition of and adjustment to change has become critical to success. To that end, we are undertaking a multi-client study of the evolutionary changes ahead in the next ten years.”

Jim Meil, ACT’s Principal, Industry Analysis, added “This study will call upon the in-house resources and expertise of the ACT Research staff, plus our partners, including Rhein and Associates and NACFE. Participants in the study will have an active role in the design and execution of the project.”

The project will address:
• Infrastructure;
• Logistics;
• Energy;
• Finance, Credit and Leasing;
• Economy and Demographics;
• Trucking and Motor Carriers;
• Truck and Trailer Makers;
• Engine and Drivetrain;
• Telematics; and
• Regulation.

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