Using AI to capture tire data, control costs and reduce downtime

Using AI to capture tire data, control costs and reduce downtime

Good fleet management is vital for any trucking company, but the days of searching for important information in stacks of notebooks are over.

Good fleet management is vital to the survival of any trucking business, but the days of searching through stacks of notebooks for an important bit of information are over. Anyline, a global mobile data capture and predictive insights company, tells us that its AI technologies can help fleets easily track tire maintenance data with improved accuracy and in ways that you can keep on hand and access quickly. On top of that, Anyline believes it can save your fleet money. You might even be using a key piece of Anyline’s insight system to read this article.

“The industry has been and continues to be very manual, in regards to data collection. I was just in a yard that had over 7,000 vehicles. Try to imagine capturing just the license plates and odometers, let alone the tread depth on every tire of every vehicle in that lot,” said Chris Garcia, head of U.S. automotive sales at Anyline. “Up until this point we’ve really only had manual solutions like pen and paper to try and keep track of all these things. I think any fleet manager would be able to tell you just how challenging that all is.”

Anyline said companies do not need to buy any extra equipment or tools to accurately scan all the tires on your entire fleet of vehicles – it can all be handled from a phone or tablet. The company adds that its software and web development kits (SDK)and APIs easily integrate into the current systems your fleet is using, even if you have more than one system to import tire data from.

“One of the main benefits is getting a consistency of data into your system that you can manipulate, display and analyze however you see fit on the other end,” added Brian Troxell, a solutions expert at Anyline. “You’re not limiting yourself to anything less than what you would have in a manual situation, you’re just making things easier and getting that data in a consistent fashion, stored in your existing system, to do deeper analyses than you would do today.”

So how does it work? Using Anyline’s software, a vehicle’s VIN or license plate is scanned, then the program guides the user to get a proper scan of the tire to monitor tread depth. That data is processed and returns real-time results that not only show tread depth and wear patterns, but also use AI and the billions of comparative data scans Anyline has collected to help predict when that tire will need replaced. Making sure you don’t send a bad tire out on the road is important, but so is making sure you don’t remove tires that still have months of life left on them. according to Anyline, that means both unnecessary downtime and unnecessary costs for your fleet.

Click here to watch our webinar, where Garcia and Troxell walk through how the company’s AI technology works and explain how it could benefit your fleet.

This webinar was sponsored by Anyline.

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