Allison introduces Advantage Calculator

Allison Transmission launches transmission TCO calculator

Allison Transmission has introduced the Allison Advantage Calculator, an online tool that helps fleet decision-makers objectively compare transmission options to find the best long-term value based on their equipment and vocation. Available on the company’s website, the calculator analyzes the savings potential for transmissions based on total cost of ownership and fleet productivity.

“We developed the Allison Advantage Calculator to give fleet owners the most realistic view of their transmission investment,” said Lou Gilbert, director of North American marketing and global brand development for Allison. “It helps them make an informed choice, based on a cost/benefit analysis that accounts for maintenance costs, fuel consumption and productivity.”

The calculator uses current vehicle information including transmission model and years in service, estimated annual mileage, average fuel costs and other fleet basics. According to these inputs, variations in maintenance and repair expenses, fuel, and other operating costs are factored in along with anticipated resale value. These calculations determine a total lifecycle cost and payback period for the appropriate Allison automatic model transmission.

In addition to estimating expenses over the life of the transmission, the Allison Advantage Calculator projects financial gains from enhanced productivity. Based on the user’s business assumptions, the calculator can also incorporate potential profits from additional deliveries or trips made possible by the faster acceleration, smooth handling and uninterrupted power of an Allison fully automatic transmission.

The Allison Advantage Calculator is currently available for North American users, with a global launch of the calculator planned in the near future.

The Allison Advantage Calculator is available here.

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