Preparing your fleet for the new engine oil categories

API FA-4 oil backward compatibility update from Detroit, real-world fleet findings

Fleet Equipment‘s talked a lot about engine oil recently—and with good reason. After all, new engine oil categories (FA-4 and CK-4) will be in place on Dec. 1, and there is no shortage of questions: Which oils are compatible with which engines? How will this impact fuel efficiency? How will older engines benefit from these new oils?

These and many more questions are answered in Fleet Equipment‘s latest webinar, entitled “New Oils Boost Your Fuel Economy: What You Need to Know.” Speakers included Greg Braziunas, manager of oil and coolant systems for Daimler Trucks North America; Michael Boatwright, president and chief executive officer of Boaty’s Transport Inc., a Georgia fleet; and Keith Corkwell, global business manager for Lubrizol Corp.

Click here to watch the webinar on demand.

During the webinar, Daimler’s Braziunas announced that Detroit engines will come factory-filled with FA-4 engine oils, and that FA-4 oils can be used in Detroit engines dating back to 2010 model year. Braziunas stressed that this is not a requirement, but recommended FA-4 as the preferred choice.

“We’re committed to providing our customers with every opportunity to improve their real cost of ownership,” Braziunas said, “and using a low-viscosity oil furthers this cause.”

Boatwright’s Georgia fleet Boaty’s Transport tested the FA-4 oils in 2013 Freightliner trucks with DD13 engines, and found a 0.15 MPG fuel efficiency increase across the fleet—an improvement of 2.3%.

“As fuel costs rise, these savings would increase,” Boatwright added. “Think about the money you could save from this.”

For more, including how the Boaty’s testing was done, how much money they ended up saving, and insight from Lubrizol on the new oil categories, the on-demand webinar can be viewed here at your leisure, complete with the Q&A portion at the end from participants. And make sure not to miss the next Fleet Equipment webinar—subscribe to our newsletter to stay updated on upcoming webinars.

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