Associated Equipment introduces heavy-duty AGM battery chargers

Associated Equipment introduces heavy-duty AGM battery chargers

Associated Equipment Corp. has introduced three heavy-duty AGM battery chargers: 6006AGM, 6009AGM and 6012AGM.


Associated Equipment Corp. has introduced three heavy-duty AGM battery chargers: 6006AGM, 6009AGM and 6012AGM.

The 6006AGM charges all AGM, standard and maintenance-free 6/12/24-volt batteries with five charging positions, 70/65/30-amp continuous rating and a 280-amp crank assist. The 6009AGM 6/12-volt fast charger high performance 265-amp crank assist and the 6012AGM 6/12-volt fast charger offers crank assist of 250 amps.

According to the company, all three chargers have fully-insulated clamps on 100% copper twin-extruded DC leads (tangle-free), chrome-plated steel handles and two-year bumper to bumper warranty and five-year transformer/rectifier warranty.

The 6006AGM, 6009AGM and 6012AGM are currently in production and available for distribution.

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