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Clarience Technologies announces work on lighting optimized for electric trucks

Clarience Technologies has introduced the A2Z for e-Mobility initiative, targeted at developing energy-efficient lighting solutions that extend the range of electric trucks by reducing battery amp draw. Efficiency opportunities coming from A2Z for e-Mobility have been introduced first at Truck-Lite, a Clarience company which is now offering a series of more energy-efficient trailer and step van

Road Ready introduces LogIQ integrated truck data platform

Road Ready has introduced a new integrated data platform, LogIQ, which integrates data from a several component suppliers with its own trailer telematics system, in order for fleets to obtain data insights from the trailer. The system was introduced at the 2021 American Trucking Associations 2021 Technology & Maintenance Council (TMC) Exhibition. Partners on LogIQ

Jacobs begins Fulcrum Bridge engine braking technology production

Jacobs Vehicle Systems has begun production of Fulcrum Bridge, a technology that the company says makes it possible to combine conventional engine braking with automatic hydraulic lash adjustment. Jacobs’ first Fulcrum Bridge product includes a compression release engine brake and is part of an overall valvetrain system that will be supplied to an original equipment manufacturer

Phillips Connect launches wireless, on-demand cargo camera

Phillips Connect has introduced CargoVision, an interior cargo camera that captures the status of the load in real time. The 100% solar-powered Phillips Connect CargoVision camera monitors and can report the quality of the load (green = safe, red = unsafe) before the doors are open for unloading, Phillips says. The Phillips Connect CargoVision solution

Carrier Transicold to introduce zero-emission Supra electric truck refrigeration technology

Carrier Transicold unveiled plans for Supra zero-emission truck refrigeration technology, due for release by 2023. According to Carrier Transicold, the engineless Supra technology will be applied to battery electric vehicles (BEVs) or to run autonomously with conventional engine-driven trucks. It is particularly targeted toward fleets in California that must introduce zero-emissions truck refrigeration units into

Vipar Heavy Duty highlights fleet service program, order management system

Vipar Heavy Duty highlights its fleet program, which the company says offers fleets of all sizes and vocational areas access to its brands and technology solutions to increase efficiency and enhance maintenance practices, supported by its network of parts and service locations across the U.S., Canada, Puerto Rico and Mexico.  “Vipar Heavy Duty works with

What’s now, and what’s next, for truck ADAS

Over the decade that was the 2010s, one of the most exciting and fastest-growing areas of the trucking industry was the rise of advanced driver assistance systems, which may have started out as the stuff of science fiction but soon became a reality: a truck that, if the circumstances are right, can stop itself to

Five truck trend takeaways from August

We know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that happens in the world of trucking. So here are the biggest stories from August focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place. 5. We had electric truck questions, and fleets had answers With electric trucks starting to make their way into fleets’

Phillips Industries releases support system for auxiliary charging systems using Qwik-Clamp technology

Phillips Industries has released a new Qwik-Clamp for Charging Cables with an insert designed for single or dual pole applications, as well as a new Qwik-Clamp 20-in. Tracker Spring Kit with Qwik-Clamp for Charging Cables.  According to Phillips, without proper support, cables can tangle, rub, sag and drag, leading to damage that results in downtime

RevHD announces improved Rev Max Wheel Seal

RevHD’s new Rev Max wheel seal is now available nationwide. The Rev Max aftermarket wheel seal carries a five-year warranty that includes the vehicle’s brakes if the technician performing the service has completed RevHD’s online training program. The company touts the orange color of the seal’s top plate, which the company says allows customers to

Milwaukee Tool releases M12 Underbody Light

Milwaukee Tool has introduced the M12 Underbody Light. The company says the light provides users with a strong magnetic base and dual rotation points, delivering directional lighting, hands-free work and maneuverability. The M12 Underbody Light delivers 1200 Lumens of Trueview High-Definition Output; features dual joints that swivel 300-degrees horizontally and up to 180-degrees vertically; and

AIRman Products releases new landing gear actuator

AIRman Products Inc. has released production units of the company’s new Deploy and Retract Technology (DART), a switch-operated landing gear actuator. Issues it resolves, according to the company, include using a hand crank to drop or retrieve trailers multiple times a day in all kinds of nasty conditions; potential worker’s compensation claims; and lost time