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Fleets, tires and fuel economy

Every fleet is looking at all viable options for both the tractor and trailer when it comes to fuel economy. So what are these options and do they offer a short return on investment?

Understanding truck tires and air pressure

Since loads vary by wheel position, using the load/inflation tables published by any tire manufacturer will determine the proper tire pressure based on the specific load.

The Real Effect of Speed, Load, Inflation and Age on Truck Tires

3% lower depending on specific tire size). This is because the four dual tires do not each carry the same load due to technical issues such as unbalanced loads and crown of the road. Dual loads are lower vs. running the same tire size as a single to protect the tire that carries the highest

CSA and tires: An update

Commercial trucking fleets are spending a lot of time these days trying to meet all of the rules and regulations in FMCSA’s rollout of CSA, which officially began December 2010. Fleets and drivers are both affected by CSA. A high score, which is bad, can lead to government intervention for the fleet and potential serious

Drivers impact on commercial tire performance

Tire prices are continuing to escalate – and there is a shortage of natural rubber due to a combination of floods and droughts. Natural rubber is needed because it is a key ingredient in truck tires valued for its low heat generation properties. Adding to the escalating cost of tires is the rising price of

Commercial tire retread options

Almost 90% of commercial trucking fleets retread their tires at least one time. Steer tires are typically retreaded with a drive tire design the first time. The second retread will most likely be retreaded back to the trailer. Drive tires are retreaded as another drive tire and then back to a trailer design. Trailer tires

CSA 2010 and its impact on tires

The Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration (FMCSA) has officially rolled out its new Comprehensive Safety Analysis (CSA) program. Commercial trucking fleets need to fully understand all of the rules and regulations of CSA that will affect your fleet’s tire program. Commercial fleets cannot afford to be penalized for the results of a poor tire maintenance