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EOBRs: Continued dialogue

Vehicle onboard technology has much to offer trucking fleets.

Parts ordering made easy

If someone handed you a clean version of your parts list, which included a cross referencing of all numbers with OE/supplier numbers clearly matched and merged – and it provided the ability to ensure that only the parts specified on the list were to be ordered – what would it be worth to you?

Hot topics

After spending a couple of days at the Mid-America Trucking Show last month, I am struck by the number and breadth of hot issues the industry is facing this year and the rest of the decade.

Shutting down idling

As fuel cost rise and more states and municipalities regulate idling time, finding ways to provide creature comforts for drivers with the engine off is more important than ever.

How hot is it

2007 engines are burning hotter; fan clutches and other underhood components are being challenged

The right tools

When diagnosing and trouble shooting vehicle problems, having the correct tools for the job is essential

Top & Bottom

Roofs and floors are key factors to consider when specifying trailers

Temperature control

Match the refrigeration unit and the box for ultimate performance

Good looks, ENDURANCE

Vehicle colors and graphics speak volumes about a fleet; good paint systems protect tractors and trailers

Tips on finding and keeping technicians

Recruiting, training and retaining technicians remains a major concern. Recently, the industry has taken a closer look at refining the process.

Deciding factors — Insider tips on how to choose maintenance software

There are some basic considerations fleets may want to consider when choosing the right software. “Because each vehicle maintenance software vendor takes a different approach, fleets should evaluate the software and the company supplying the software,” says Ed Cooper, president and owner of Squarerigger Inc.

Equipment Technology – Stretching Tire $$$

After fuel, tires are a fleet’s largest expenditure. Yet so many fleets tend to under-budget and under-manage this cost center. In fact, many fleets still treat tire management as an entry-level position and appoint the newest and least-experienced technicians to handle these expensive assets.