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Hot topics: GHG regulations have fueled tire and wheel innovations

There are two hot topics right now related to fuel efficiency and wheel ends. The first: Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) have been given fuel economy coefficients in NHTSA’s and EPA’s Phase 2 of the Greenhouse Gas (GHG) regulations for commercial trucks and trailers. As you know, trailers covered by GHG Phase 2 will use

Test driving the Western Star XD-25 lineup

I recently drove the truck pictured above, but before you call and report me to the authorities for driving without a CDL, I want to point out that I was on a closed track. I am always hesitant to hoist myself up into a truck cab where the door handle is more than eight feet

Choosing the best diagnostic tools for fleet maintenance

When it comes to your fleet’s maintenance program, choosing the best diagnostic tools for the job can make all the difference. “Noregon offers tools and services that utilize vehicle data to optimize the diagnosis and repair process to increase uptime for the end customer,” notes Shane Gilliam, vice president of sales for Noregon. “Our flagship

How to get the most out of your fleet’s maintenance programs

“Normally, I am not a predictive maintenance guy, but these days I believe it can be a key factor especially in regards to maintenance of aftertreatment and emission systems,” begins Darry Stuart, president and chief executive officer of DWS Fleet Management Services. “As for preventive maintenance, I contend that ‘prevention’ is only from PM to

Explaining the benefits of outside maintenance providers

“At our core,” begins Jim Lager, senior vice president of sales for Penske Truck Leasing, “we’re certainly a company that has expertise in vehicle maintenance. Companies that operate a fleet to move goods or provide services demand more than just a preventive maintenance program…

Demystifying the Food Safety Modernization Act

In September 2016, large producers and shippers of both human and animal food were required to come into compliance with Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA). These new, preventative standards were designed and passed in order to proactively reduce the number of foodborne illness incidents versus reacting to events. By September of 2017, small businesses with

How fleets are gathering data for better asset management

To optimize assets, fleets need to know how their equipment and drivers are performing. The best way to garner that information is by capitalizing on information technology (IT) provided by onboard vehicle systems linked to in-house software. Maria Sotra, vice president of marketing for Geotab, notes the ways fleets can improve productivity and safety. “For

Uplifting insight: Lift safety and compliance

“Before purchasing a lift, fleet managers need to take into consideration what they want to lift,” advises Steve Perlstein, marketing manager for Mohawk Lifts. “They also need to make sure all of the options are certified and correctly rated for the intended capacity. Some common lift issues are related to overlooking safety, which may include

Increasing axle efficiencies

When Fleet Equipment caught wind that Meritor is using a unique lube management systems on its new 14X HE tandem axle, we wanted to know more. So we caught up with Ken Hogan, Meritor’s vice president for rear drivetrain, to find out how it works, what the benefits are for the axle and what other

Matching axles, ratios and loads to increase fuel efficiency

A major initiative in the trucking industry continues to be the concept of downspeeding, or maximizing available engine torque while minimizing engine RPMs and fuel requirements. “By focusing on maximizing downspeeding, the fleet owner has the best chance of improving fuel efficiency,” explains Tom Lehman, product manager for Detroit Components. “Along with Detroit DD15 or

Idling: The law and practicality

  Information from the American Transportation Research Institute (ATRI) regarding truck idling laws recently came across my desk, and I thought it might be a good time for a reminder about the problems excessive diesel engine idling can cause. ATRI continues to update and maintain a listing of state and local idling regulations on its

Truck Idle FAQ
Saving time and money: What onboard telematics can do for you

According to Maria Sotra, vice president of marketing for Geotab, “Fleet managers are continuously searching for new ways to minimize operating expenses, manage total cost of ownership, and increase profitability. Geotab’s open platform fleet management solution enables businesses of all sizes to make significant improvements in the areas of safety, productivity, regulatory compliance, fleet optimization