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Avoiding CSA citations

Fewer Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) violations means less time and money wasted. Fleets that have good CSA scores are less likely to have their trucks stopped for additional inspections. Additionally, trucks that break down less often make delivery schedules easier to manage and eliminate added costs for rentals and spare vehicles or for rerouting other

Avoiding CSA citations
Purchase and lease decisions: the fleet perspective

When researching the optimal balance between purchasing and leasing, we asked fleets how they acquire and finance equipment. Here’s what they had to say: Peter Nativo, director of maintenance for Oakley Transport says, “We lease short term [seasonal] trucks for our Citrus division. This year we leased 85. The season runs from the end of

Maximizing equipment investments: making the right purchase/lease decisions

Controlling equipment costs is always top of mind for fleets. Whether fleets lease or buy, spec’ing and maintaining equipment for resale—and—choosing the right financial and/or leasing partner is the key to optimizing investments. According to Patrick Gaskins, group vice president financial services, CTP AmeriQuest Financial Services, “Trailer specifications are evolving just as rapidly as tractor

Let’s talk progress!

Some of you may recall the iconic drawings of detective Dick Tracy, of comic book fame, talking into his wristwatch—most likely relaying valuable information back to headquarters. I doubt that when those drawings were penned anyone looking at them thought that some day we’d have the capability to talk into wristwatch type-devices. Yet here we

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Protecting tire PSI: Adding TPMS, ATIS, TiS helps protect your investment

Fleet managers are well aware of the importance of proper tire inflation to protect tires. Many are earlier adopters of tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) and/or automatic tire inflation systems (ATIS or TIS). Choosing the right systems for each application is important part of protecting your investment, but which one to choose? Picking the right

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Meeting the next emissions milestone

Those of you who have been around for a couple of decades are intimately familiar with all the engine and powertrain changes that have been made within those years to comply with EPA emission standard benchmarks and, more recently, the EPA/NHTSA Greenhouse Gas 17 (GHG17) initiatives. But you ain’t seen nothin’ yet! While there is

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Reman transmissions roundup

According to Ramon Aguillon, aftermarket sales manager at Allison Transmission, “Allison Transmission’s remanufactured product line is called Allison ReTran. All of our remanufactured transmissions exclusively use Allison Genuine Parts and are tested to original factory specifications. Additionally, they are tested with Allison TES 295 approved fluid.” The advantages of ReTran remanufactured transmissions are that the

Reman powertrains offer optimum TCO, ROI

Getting the most out of your investment is key to maximizing total cost of ownership (TCO) and getting the best return on investment (ROI). One way to achieve those goals is to purchase remanufactured powertrain components. With the high-quality remanufacturing procedures offered today by original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), which go beyond just restoring component to

Tires that put the focus on application, engineering advances

The Mid-America Truck Show is the best place to view all the latest equipment, and this year’s latest and greatest included new and proven tire designs. Mixed service tires Double Coin and CMA introduced its new Double Coin RR706 mixed service, all-position truck tire. The ultra-premium RR706 all-position, mixed service truck tires are specifically designed

Southeastern Freight Lines leverages onboard technology

With all the new onboard technology on trucks these days, one major nationwide carrier has found ways to use the data to effectively track vehicle performance and scheduling maintenance using information from the systems. According to Kerry Stritt, vice president of fleet services, Southeastern Freight Lines (SEFL): “We have been utilizing the PeopleNet system to

Making a case for better tire care

A case could be made for the statement, “the best tires are only as good as their air pressure.” If the correct tire air pressure is not maintained, tires will fail prematurely. According to Gary Schroeder, director of commercial vehicle and OEM sales for Cooper Tire, “Everyone will agree that the No.1 tip for longer

Plan repairs, reduce downtime

Nothing is more aggravating—nor costly—than unscheduled downtime. Even the most well organized fleets often find themselves grappling with the “unexpected.” Whether they deal with outside service providers or their own shops, it is important for managers to make sure they have a solid quality repair processes in place. And that process need to include knowing

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