Colin Repko, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
A recap on API FA-4 oil durability in diesel engines

Last month, we discussed how the new API FA-4 lubricants meet and exceed engine protection requirements specified by engine manufacturers and the lubricant industry. The most notable highlight was that API FA-4 lubricants must pass the same engine durability testing as their more traditional API CK-4 counterparts to receive certification. With field testing beginning back

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The ins and outs of high-temp, high-shear oils

Formulated to solve heavy-duty diesel challenges, API FA-4 lubricants allow for further fuel economy gains due to high-temperature, high-shear (HTHS) low viscosity oils—meaning that they have less resistance to flow between engine parts moving at high speeds in elevated operating temperatures. With this move to low HTHS viscosity levels, new additive technology is essential to

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New engines require new lubricants

To meet stricter fuel economy regulations and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, OEMs have made significant changes to their engine designs and operating conditions. This has led to the need for lubricants that provide greater fuel efficiency and engine hardware protection from higher operating temperatures and higher loading. In response to the OEMs seeking the highest

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