Denise Koeth, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
Engine OE overhaul programs

Cummins Cummins offers a number of overhaul and warranty programs, including the ISX Overhaul Kit Program, for customers who need to overhaul a 1998-2009 ISX engine; ISX Absolute Power Program, which offers the overhaul kit, injectors and cylinder head; and the National Overhaul Warranty (NOW) Program for Cummins mid-range (C8.3, ISC, QSC, ISL, QSL) and

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Engine overhaul: Good maintenance, high-quality components support engine life

While following manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures will ensure the longest possible life of a fleet’s engines, eventually there may come a time when an overhaul is necessary. Particularly, as fleets strive to maximize uptime and equipment life, reman engines—which are rebuilt from the bottom up according to very stringent guidelines—are becoming more popular. Working with truck

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Air suspensions explained: A fleet’s bottom line can benefit from trailer air suspensions

Trailer air suspensions offer fleets many benefits, including optimized fuel efficiency and tire life, superior cargo protection, improved ride characteristics and minimized wear and tear on trailer components. These advantages can be maximized with some basic knowledge concerning the ins and outs of air suspensions, along with a good understanding of maintenance practices. We asked several manufacturers of trailer air suspensions to weigh in on the subject, and their advice could save fleets a significant amount of time and money.

Used truck market sluggish, but holding steady

Although 2013 Class 8 used truck sales are a bit sluggish so far, things are expected to pick up and remain about equal with 2012’s numbers—a trend similar to new heavy-duty truck sales.

Mandated EOBRs/ELDs

Electronic onboard recorders (EOBRs) and electronic logging devices (ELDs) offer greater efficiency beyond hours of service compliance.

The appeal of NG

Heavy-duty truck manufacturers have realized natural gas’ cost-saving potential and have responded with various NG-powered offerings.

Lesser known benefits of wide single tires

Fuel efficiency and weight savings are the most often-touted advantages of switching to wide single tires, but there are many others.

Oil filtration update

Meeting the needs of today’s engines requires enhanced protection and long service life.

Optimum brake and friction selection

To maximize performance and investment, it is essential that fleets choose the right friction materials and braking systems for their trucks.

Durability, fuel efficiency reign at MATS

New offerings from truck OEMs at last month’s Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) held March 21-23 in Louisville, Ky., trended both toward the durable and the fuel-efficient.

New TRU technology

Transport refrigeration units (TRUs) move toward higher efficiency and lower emissions to meet new regulations.

Vehicle maintenance and CSA

The Vehicle Maintenance Behavior Analysis and Safety Improvement Category (BASIC) is one category in which fleets have a good deal of control over the prevention of violations.