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Road to AAPEX Ep. 8: Paving the way for automotive innovation

See how far automotive innovation has brought us to get to where we are today, and where it might take us tomorrow.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 7: Connecting to future automotive technology

As Joe Keene connects with the Lincoln Highway’s history, David Sickels glimpses into the future of automotive technology.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 6: Historic mile markers on the road of progress

Joe Keene connects with the Ace Autobody & Motors family and inspects the Lincoln Blackwood, ensuring that it’s in top shape for the journey.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 5: At the crossroad of automotive’s past and future

To know where you’re going, you have to know where you’ve been.

Road to AAPEX Ep. 1: An offer no one could refuse

This year, the Big Bosses at AAPEX offered a challenge Babcox Media’s Joe Keene, an ASE-certified technician, couldn’t refuse.

Road to AAPEX 1
Road to AAPEX Ep. 2: Five score and 10 years ago, the Lincoln Highway paved the way for the future

Today, it’s the route for Babcox Media’s Joe Keene, an ASE-certified technician, who is charged with fixing a rare 2002 Lincoln Blackwood.

Road to AAPEX 2
Road to AAPEX Ep. 3: A rare Lincoln Blackwood means a hunt for rare parts

Luckily, Joe Keene has the power of the aftermarket behind him.

Road to AAPEX 3
Road to AAPEX Ep. 4, Part 1: Shifting vehicle service gears

See how the band of Blackwood service techs tackle the shifting challenges the truck presents.

Road to AAPEX 4 pt. 1
Road to AAPEX Ep. 4, Part 2: The Lincoln Blackwood’s big service needs

A paint job, a brake system overhaul, an exhaust system setup, and gasket replacements—the Blackwood gets a makeover.

Passion, people drive Continental’s director of marketing

Learn more about the meaning of Continental’s new taglines for its Conti and General brands.

What to know about replacing air disc brake calipers

Even minor differences in caliper construction and performance can cause brake pull or lead one brake to drag and overheat.

Atripco takes a proactive approach to driver training with help from CarriersEdge

Atripco continues to provide drivers with training courses to help them stay informed.