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Bendix offers tips to extend disc brake pad, rotor life

This Tech Tip, provided by Bendix, series addresses actions that fleets and owner-operators can take to protect that investment and extend the life of their air disc brake (ADB) pads and rotors. “The more people realize the benefits of air disc brakes, the more we want to help them maximize ADB advantages over the life

Help your truck technician team keep their cool this summer

As the global climate changes, many parts of the country are experiencing longer and more intense heat waves. Areas where working outside or in an open service bay may have been pleasant or only occasionally hot in the past are now suffering from increasingly severe heat events. When temperatures get high, people can overheat and

New East Penn truck battery video takes a closer look at trucking conditions

Putting the right battery in the right application makes all the difference when it comes to uptime and fleet performance. The wrong type of batteries, or ones not equipped for the truck’s needs, can turn routine maintenance into emergency replacements. East Penn has developed a new video that takes a closer look at what the

Work zone fatalities at highest level since ’06, data shows

According to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s (USDOT) Federal Highway Administration (FHWA), in 2019, the most recent year for which data is available, 842 people died in highway work-zone crashes compared to 757 the year before. The 11.2% increase is the largest percentage increase of highway work zone fatalities since 2006. Crashes in highway work

The case for fuel additives to combat rising repair costs

Today, the cost of truck maintenance and repairs can easily equate to thousands of dollars. Fleet managers understand that some parts, like belts, hoses, and air filters, just to name a few, are inevitably going to need to be replaced. However, frequent and premature replacement of parts like these could lead to expenses skyrocketing. Likewise,

Springtime truck maintenance tips to recover from winter’s toll

Every autumn, we talk a lot – justifiably – about preparing trucks for winter’s harsh conditions. But as spring arrives across North America, it’s just as important to take preventive maintenance steps and address the tolls that a season of wild temperature swings and corrosive road chemicals can take on your vehicles. This installment of

Tips for servicing steel and alloy wheels

When it comes to mounting tires, not all commercial truck wheels are the same, and it is important a shop’s equipment has the right features to handle different components with care. According to Coats Garage: “With the majority of commercial tires mounted on steel or alloy wheels, your technicians need to know the key differences

Babcox Media mourns the passing of Tim Fritz, longtime editor and friend

Babcox Media Editor Tim Fritz passed away on Feb. 23 from a heart attack. He was 53 years old. Tim joined Babcox Media in 1990 and spent 31 years working in various editorial roles, most recently as the digital editor of Brake & Front End, ImportCar, Underhood Service, Tomorrow’s Tech and ShopOwner. He was also

Avoid corrosion in liftgate electrical systems

Trucks and trailers outfitted with liftgates typically have critical delivery and pickup schedules, so it’s important that the electrical connections and cable are dependable, keeping the liftgate working throughout the vehicle’s daily route. The liftgate power cord and electrical connections are the gateway for power to travel from the tractor to the trailer to charge

Driver retention: The little things make a big difference

As of early December 2020, GDP data indicates that the Goods Transport sector has recovered fully since the initial pandemic-induced slowdown in the spring. In Q3 it grew substantially, impacted by growing consumer spending for goods rather than services during pandemic-related shutdowns and stay-at-home preferences. Consumer spending growth and increasing e-commerce purchases to avoid in-person shopping

Tech Tip: How often is lift maintenance needed?

Even the most rugged, low-maintenance lifts need attention from time to time. Give your lift a once-over every day before you use it, check the safety devices, operating controls, lift arms and all moving parts to make sure everything is functioning properly. Look for breakage, excessive wear or other conditions that may affect its performance.

Tech Tip: Be your own cable guy

When was the last time you checked the cables on your shop’s lifts? If you answered “today,” good for you! Cables are one of the things you should check before using your lift every day. In this article, we’ll explore how to maintain your lift cables or “wire ropes,” how to look for damage, and