HERE Technologies, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
Solving the top fleet challenges with location technology 

When it comes to fleet management and supply chain challenges, “prompt service and delivery issues” is the number one answer according to new research commissioned by HERE Technologies.  More than 300 fleet management and supply chain leaders from around the world responded to the survey, which focused on their objectives, challenges and investment priorities. “Prompt

How to bring your predictive supply chain to life 

Let’s be honest, everyone is at a different stage in their digitization journey. While the distance between a completely manual processes and being fully predictive may seem great, there are plenty of stepping stones along the way that can increase your operation’s efficiency, accuracy and cost savings.  Just a few years ago, predictive supply chains

How smart fleets are leaving manual processes behind

Competition, demand and unprecedented global events continue to shift the economic landscape. This means fleet leaders must run smarter, more efficient operations just to stay afloat. With each passing year, we’re seeing a shift from manual, more traditional fleet management practices to digital, automated and even predictive processes. Some fleets still rely on manual, pen-and-paper

Boosting efficiency and safety on every route

For a fleet to be successful it must operate both efficiently and safely. However, it’s not uncommon for a business to increase its efficiency and then notice a decline in safety measures – and vice versa. While many work from the comfort of offices or their own homes, truck drivers are at the helm of

The hidden key to sustainable last-mile operations

When it comes to fleet sustainability, perhaps you’ve successfully implemented some baseline initiatives for reducing waste and optimizing your procurement processes. The next step is to utilize location-powered solutions to deepen the impact and extend your reach.