Michael Ingram, Author at Fleet Equipment Magazine
What can tire dealer survey data tell us about commercial tires?

With tires making up a significant portion of a fleet’s cost, a bit of outside advice can mean a great deal of savings in the long run. One great place to start looking for advice is with a commercial tire dealer. “Commercial servicing dealers are experts at commercial tires and are a valuable resource for

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Tire autopsy: Tips for analyzing tire failures

  Not every tire failure requires a major investigation. Sometimes, the 3-in. screw sticking out the sidewall makes it pretty obvious why the tire is out of service. Other times, the autopsy requires a bit more digging to understand the circumstances that led to the tire’s demise. In order to get a better idea of

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Assessing truck tire casing quality can mean more retreads, more profit

When it comes to medium- and heavy-duty trucks, small increases in cost-per-mile can have a major effect on the bottom line. After all, you can’t shrink the distance between two points, and driving and maintenance improvements can only improve the lifespan of a single tread by so much. To get better returns beyond that, you

August trailer orders continue to break records

In the wake of a record-setting July, trailer orders continued at unprecedented levels in August. According to FTR, August orders were 35,300, a 141% year-over-year gain from August 2018. Act Research reports that orders were 38,200 trailers, or 140% year-over-year. FTR says that fleets have continued to place 2019 orders ahead of schedule, which has

Waste not! Maximizing waste haul tire life turns trash into treasure

If you’ve ever observed a waste haul truck on the road, you can probably point to some of the major reasons that the tires tend to have such a short lifespan. Not only do they withstand the mileage, potholes and driving stresses of every other tire, but they are constantly driving, stopping, scraping up against

Dig into tire details during maintenance

The importance of scrap tire analysis cannot be overlooked, and oftentimes an analysis will provide a valuable but easily implemented fix in your tire maintenance practices to help improve tire life. There are several resources on scrap tire analysis that fleets should consult. TMC produces both the Tire Conditions Analysis Guide and the TMC Radial

Tire forensics: The importance of scrap tire analysis

Though it may look like junk to the untrained eye, a used tire can actually be a useful source of information and a way for fleets to recoup major savings. Analyzing scrap tires can offer a number of critical insights to help maximize miles and minimize down time and wasted opportunities to retread a casing.