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Mitchell 1 TruckSeries commercial truck repair software

Put powerful, easy to understand CV diagnostics at your fingertips with TruckSeries by Mitchell 1.

The value of VMRS in your shop

It’s important to have everyone involved in the truck repair process speaking the same language. This may seem obvious, but it’s easy to overlook how much time is saved when there is consistency across your fleet, your service providers and even the OEMs. It’s for this exact reason that the Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC)

Safety first: Helping technicians quickly and easily work on ADAS systems

“Safety first.” Yes, it’s a cliché, but sometimes a cliché becomes that way for a reason, and certainly, for modern fleets, safety is of paramount importance. From the need to guard against the expensive costs of a crash to the simple responsibility of making sure those multi-ton Class 8 trucks are as safe for their

Putting the brakes on poor service practices before the weather does it for you

How you service your trucks’ brakes now will determine how well they perform when the weather turns frigid. Consider this: Every year here at Fleet Equipment, the most-read story in January and February is about frozen air brake lines. Every year. That’s not a surprise to Jake Schell, associate product manager for Mitchell 1’s Commercial

Mitchell 1 Truck Brake Winter Weather Service
Setting truck maintenance labor costs expectations

“Great! How much is that going to cost me?” You’ve thought it, you’ve probably even said it, and while dealing with truck maintenance costs isn’t fun, it’s just a fact of fleet life. Running on the open road means dealing with the unpredictable. If you’re running a heavy-duty repair shop, you need to make fleet

What your static truck wiring diagrams aren’t showing you

The truck’s electrical system is a complicated web of wiring, a current-carrying circulatory system that sprouts from the truck’s batteries to power a myriad of systems. Nearly everything on today’s heavy-duty trucks is electronically controlled, and if you have an electrical system problem, it could be costly. Lighting alone hovers within the top three CSA