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What does OEM approval mean for transmission fluids?

By Darryl Purificati, Sr. Technical Advisor, OEM/Automotive at HollyFrontier Lubricants & Specialties, which includes the Petro-Canada Lubricants brand Transmission fluids are some of the most complex driveline fluids and are formulated differently depending on the transmission they will be used in. They perform a range of functions such as lubrication, heat dissipation, wear protection and

How can lubricants improve fleet fuel economy?

Fleets are expected to operate under extreme pressure, carrying heavy loads and meeting demanding schedules, with vehicles needing to run with efficiency and reliability every day to help owners maintain a healthy bottom line for their business.  Fleet managers and maintenance staff can secure efficiencies and reduce costs for their fleet by taking a holistic

Preparing your fleet for winter

Winter provides fresh challenges for fleets. Plummeting temperatures cause operational issues for drivers and if ignored, can lead to vehicle breakdown and the subsequent time, cost and effort getting the vehicle back on the road. Unplanned downtime has a huge impact on a business’ bottom line, so as winter approaches it’s important for fleets to

The benefits of API FA-4 heavy-duty engine oils

Introduced nearly four years ago, API FA-4 heavy-duty engine oils came to the market alongside API CK-4 lubricants to much anticipation as the biggest overhaul in engine oil specifications in a decade. It marked a significant step change in the development of lower viscosity oils to meet the needs of modern heavy-duty fleet engine designs.