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Employing environment-friendly onboard technologies to save fuel

Oakville Enterprises Corp. (OEC) relies heavily on its fleet throughout its large portfolio of operations. Wholly owned by the Municipality of the Town of Oakville, Ontario, OEC provides products and services in four strategic lines of business—electricity distribution, infrastructure services, energy services and generation—to residential and commercial customers in Ontario and throughout Canada. “With our wide

Schneider’s investment in safety technology pays dividends

Take one look at the numbers and it’s easy to see why Tom DiSalvi, vice president of safety and loss prevention at Schneider, says the company’s first core value is “safety first and always.” Every day, he notes, the truckload, logistics and intermodal services provider’s fleet of 10,120 tractors travels 8.2 million miles hauling 19,318

Wrightspeed’s all-electric powertrain technology continues to grow in use by fleets

If his company needs an indication that its range-extended vehicle powertrain technology is on track, according to Wrightspeed Project Manager Arlan Purdy, it doesn’t need to look any further than its recent orders from FedEx and from the Ratto Group, a refuse collection company in the San Francisco Bay area. “To Wrightspeed,” Purdy said, “that’s

DeCarolis Truck Rental finds a winning approach

“The common goal for all of our customers is to have reliable equipment at a predictable cost,” says Michael Margarone, president of Rochester, N.Y.-based DeCarolis Truck Rental, Inc., a family-owned business for more than 75 years. “Today, that challenge is more difficult because the entire industry is dealing with both a lack of technicians and

Onboard telematics bring new capabilities to light-duty fleets

Telematics solutions are rapidly becoming a growing trend with light-duty fleets, as they begin to require more detailed views of their vehicles to more efficiently manage operations. For an example, just look at this recent announcement by General Motors: GM has launched a new platform specifically designed for small businesses to access key vehicle information

Accurate data analytics solutions can help improve fuel savings

“It’s an exciting time in the development of connected trucking technology,” says Lloyd Palum, chief technology officer at Vnomics Corp. “Embedded and cloud computing solutions, along with mobile data, are a powerful combination for improving fleet operations.” Palum, who leads a team of software platform developers at Vnomics, a provider of advanced analytics solutions focused

Daseke Inc.—Powered by strength in diversity

For Scott Wheeler, it’s all about continuous improvement. “Our mission is to be better tomorrow than we are today,” says Wheeler, executive vice president and corporate chief executive officer of Daseke Inc. “Daseke is more than a group of trucking companies. It is comprised of companies with strong management and highly personalized customer service skills,

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What you need to know before making alternative fuel purchase decisions

When figuring out the right questions to ask, perhaps it’s important to start with what not to ask. “Price is important, even when fuel prices are low,” says Paul Shaffer, vice president and managing director of Dallas operations at Westport Innovations, the natural gas engine and vehicle maker, “but there are other critical things to

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How Old Dominion Freight Line is leveraging technology

At Old Dominion Freight Line, sustainability is a promise that goes hand in hand with ongoing growth. “We keep that promise by leveraging new technology, and training our employees and drivers,” says Thomas Newby, the company’s vice president of equipment and maintenance. One part of that focus at Old Dominion is on the adoption of

Sparking electric-powered powertrain adoption

Despite currently record-low fuel prices, emissions, anti-idling and noise regulations are driving medium-duty fleets to consider alternative fuels for their transportation needs. In particular, for operations with local multi-stop routes covering less than 100 miles a day, interest continues to grow in electric-powered delivery and work trucks. According to Motiv Power Systems, approximately one-third of the

Exceptional medium-duty truck resources

Today’s medium-duty OEMs point out that, manufacturers, truck dealers and body builders have exceptional resources available to help fleets customize specs, and have programs for sharing ideas and information to make sure chassis and bodies are right for a particular application. Included are body builder manuals and other reference materials that contain important details about

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Spec’ing for medium-duty applications

“Operators of medium-duty trucks have heavy-duty expectations,” says Kurt Swihart, Kenworth’s marketing manager. “Truck manufacturers are working to make it simpler for customers who want heavy-duty characteristics in traditional medium-duty applications. The challenge in spec’ing a medium-duty truck is to find the right balance between over- and under-spec’ing in order to achieve the performance and

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