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Challenging the process

Medium- and light-duty fleets come in a wide range of sizes. Additionally, themanagement of these fleets is often impacted by the business needs of theirparent corporations.

Solid plan

For more than 20 years, Sun Coast Resources has been implementing a business plan based on providing customer service with a highly reliable fleet

Fuel economy

Making effective tire choices for fuel efficiency, relates Curtis Decker, national manager, field engineering at Continental Tire North America, Commercial Group, means fleet managers have to first consider the true environment in which their vehicles operate.

Growth model

Dillon Transportation is proving that with the right equipment and supplier support, success can still be found in the truckload motor carrier market

Understanding needs

Part of the effort of this column and publication is to keep up onthe issues facing light- and medium-duty fleets and report on solutionsfor Fleet Equipment readers.

Resale: onboard monitoring

As onboard technology continues to advance the science of fleet management, trucking companies are adopting solutions to realize the benefits of longer service life, fuel savings, reduced downtime, lower maintenance costs and ultimately to retain and enhance resale value and reduce capital costs.

Top shape

Applying three decades of experience,and with the help of suppliers, Mike Payette is keeping the Staples fleet running cost effectively and efficiently.

Application specific: P&D Bodies

Questions that often come up when fleets are spec’ing truck bodies are related to the materials used in roofs and sidewalls.

Why a walk-in?

As it introduced the newest addition to its product line during the National Truck Equipment Association Work Truck Show in early March, Workhorse Custom Chassis emphasized a firm focus on what it sees as a growing market for walk-in trucks.

Safety: collision control

Accidents cost money by directly and indirectly impacting motor carrier operations and profitability. Direct costs associated with crashes add up quickly.

Premium choices

For Gardenscape Transport, a first-class fleet is the only way to deliver quality goods to customers.

Model Carrier

Kennesaw Transportation continues to serve as an example of how success in trucking can be established and maintained.