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Model Carrier

Kennesaw Transportation continues to serve as an example of how success in trucking can be established and maintained.

Safety – Brakes

While braking system suppliers to the trucking industry continue to bring new technologies and specification choices to fleets, the desire to improve safety and stopping performance is hardly new.

Providing Solutions

For 50 years, HUB Truck Rental has been meeting the needs of its customers with a range of detailed and innovative vehicle and maintenance programs.

Brown goes green

UPS is investing heavily in alternative fuel-powered delivery vehicles

Fuel economy: Onboard tire monitoring and inflation systems

Onboard tire monitoring and inflation systems

Paving the way

Supplier relationships, effective equipment choices key at Pavestone

Spec’ing for resale: Drivetrains

When a fleet is purchasing new tractors, how important are drivetrain specifications in terms of resale value? Do premium drivetrain systems and components raise the resale value of tractors?

Smart Choices

For O&S Trucking, fuel-saving technologies, effective specification choices and efforts to improve the efficiency of its operations are enabling ongoing growth and success

Safety – Braking Systems

NHTSA calls for a 20 percent to 30 percent reduction in the required stopping distance for large trucks.

Buying new tractors with resale profit in mind

How important is resale value when writing specifications for new tractors? What premium systems and components raise the resale value of tractors?

Meeting Needs

For petroleum carrier Harris Transportation, specifying the right components is a critical element of success

Effective equipment and maintenance programs are benefiting Arrow Trucking Co.

As a veteran fleet manager, Jim Cade knows that effective equipment decisions are essential to the ongoing success of any trucking operation.