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True dedication – A concerted effort by AAA Cooper Transportation and its suppliers improves equipment and maintenance programs

When asked what things have contributed most to the success of equipment and maintenance programs in the nearly 29 years he’s been with AAA Cooper Transportation, Robert Floyd, director of maintenance, is quick to answer. “From our senior management to our newest employees,” he says, “there are many dedicated people, too many to mention, in fact.

Shop Productivity – Air & Lube Systems

If improving the productivity and efficiency of maintenance operations is an important part of any fleet manager’s job, one key to meeting this challenge is closely considering specifications for shop air and lubricant systems.

Trailer Productivity – Doors and Lifts

While systems and components on commercial vehicles are carefully specified to maximize efficiency on the road, the specification choices fleets make also can greatly impact productivity during loading and unloading operations.

Comfort Zone

With nearly 6,000 trucks in operation across North America, On The Move Trucks is satisfying the needs of a growing number of customers.

All inclusive

Founded 60 years ago to transport fuel oil in the Midwest, Transport Service Co. (TSC) has grown and diversified into one of the largest tank truck carriers in the United States. Today, the Oak Brook, Ill.-based motor carrier conducts business through a Chemical Division that provides tank truck services to chemical manufacturers, and a Food Grade Division focused on serving manufacturers of bulk liquid food products.

Fuel Economy & Weight Savings

For bulk haulers, the premise is simple: Weight savings transfers to payload and every pound that can be spec’ed out of a vehicle’s overall weight without sacrificing durability, reliability or safety is an extra pound of revenue generating freight.