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Managing fleet tire costs

Keeping track of tires from cradle to grave is key to controlling costs

SmartWay Partners, take notice

A number of new products at the 2012 Mid-American Trucking Show should be of interest to SmartWay members, from tires to transmissions to new vehicles.

Sustainability on the retail level

A report released by the Retail Industry Leaders Association describes how retailers are improving transportation efficiency through an array of strategies.

Honored for SmartWay success

Several SmartWay partners recently were recognized as Champions for the important contributions they’ve made in advancing innovative strategies that save fuel, reduce emissions and improve economic sustainability.

Spec’ing trucks to run lean

Good drivers will deliver good fuel economy, but good drivers in well spec’d tractors will deliver the best.

CSA: Compliance, safety and accountability

FMCSA’s program, which will likely improve highway safety, is here to stay, and vehicle maintenance plays an important role.

Consider automatic tire inflation systems to boost fleet fuel economy

The SmartWay Partnership has established protocols to evaluate the fuel-saving benefits of various devices. It provides information on a number of technologies—idle reduction technologies, low rolling resistance tire and, aerodynamic devices—that offer fuel-saving and/or emission-reducing benefits ( It also has distributed information on other technologies that it has determined offer fuel savings, including automatic tire

Need trucks now? Buy used

While good used trucks can still be found, prices have gone up and availability has gone down for newer models with popular specs.

SmartWay is for shippers, too

Participation in SmartWay helps shippers choose the most efficient carriers available, assess optimal mode choices to get their cartage to its destination and reduce the carbon footprint resulting from transportation activities.

The benefits of a stimulus

SmartWay partner Fleet Advantage proposes a way to clean up fleets of existing diesel engines is to accelerate their replacement with new, cleaner engines through financial incentives.

SmartWay benefits for multi-modal carriers

SmartWay’s updated environmental performance and carbon assessment tool lets intermodal carriers include your rail operations with your truck operations to create composite emissions factors for an overall operation.

SmartWay’s STEP to further electric vehicle charging

Cascade Sierra Solutions is a non-profit organization dedicated to reducing emissions and fuel consumption from heavy-duty diesel trucks and a long-time affiliate of the SmartWay Partnership. It has also recently agreed to manage a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) grant for the Shorepower Technologies Electrification Project (STEP), which is bringing power pedestals to truck stops