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Idling success

Fuel is expensive and continues to get more expensive.

Helpful economics

Some while ago, I was at an industry meeting and heard the head of a major trucking association say, “If all economists who forecast the future of the trucking industry were laid end-to-end, it would be a good thing.”

Growing Sophistication

While new platform trailers still aren’t at the level of sophistication reached by many vans or reefers, but they have recently benefited from advanced technologies and designs

All kinds of loads

Parasitic loads, hotel loads, safety loads: other than the emissions system, nothing on today’s trucks has changed more than the electrical systems

Just drive it

Most of the problems that fleets and suppliers faced after 2007 emissions-compliant engines went into service have been addressed by software updates and driver training

Going Green

A few years ago engines came in just a few colors: red, yellow, tan, silver. They did it with paint then.

Shifting demands

What’s not to like about automated mechanical transmissions (AMT)? Many drivers like them because they’re easier to drive than conventional mechanical designs.

Dollars-and-sense leasing

Full-service truck leasing is a popular option for companies that choose to run private fleets but donÂ??t want the headaches associated with ownership.nagers Conference (EUFMC), which was held in June in Williamsburg, Va., attracted a record number of attendees. style=”font-family: Arial;”>N.C., early in May.ze in our lifetime – then fuel economy is likely a high priority for you.

We’re ready to stop

Although the government keeps delaying the implementation of new stopping distance regulations, suppliers have been active in developing products that will help fleets minimize costs related to compliance when the regulations are finally enacted.

It’s an investment

When you invest in technician training, you can expect a number of benefits – higher shop productivity and better staff morale among them

For your consideration

While we’ve talked about the government’s SmartWay program before on this page, we believe the importance of the program, to fleets as well as the country, warrants another mention.

In need of support

If you were to ask someone which would be the tougher job managing a fleet of10,000 trucks or a fleet of five to ten, you might expect to be told that thebig fleet would be more difficult.