Bendix unveils wear sensing technology in air disc brake pads

Bendix unveils wear sensing technology in air disc brake pads


Bendix introduced pad wear sensing on all versions of the Bendix ADB22X air disc brake (ADB), available for order on new equipment from select truck and trailer manufacturers.

Bendix ADB wear sensing technology determines when a pad is nearing its replacement period and provides a signal via telematics that fleets can use to proactively schedule maintenance.

Bendix air disc brake wear sensing technology consists of sensors mounted to the ADB pads that indicate when pad thickness is approaching a worn-out condition. The system records a diagnostic trouble code and signals a fleet’s office via telematics, if the truck or trailer has that capability. It can also be set up to alert technicians through a remote diagnostic unit (RDU). At the time of notification, sufficient pad life remains to enable the fleet or technician to schedule replacement service before it’s an emergency situation.

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The system helps lower maintenance costs by reducing the need for technicians to measure friction and by optimizing friction replacement schedules, according to Bendix. In addition, since the system provides alerts when pads are reaching the point of replacement, it protects costly ADB components, such as rotors, from being damaged by worn-out pads.

“[Fleets] can increase the cost-effectiveness of their maintenance efforts, significantly reducing time spent by technicians removing tires only to determine that adequate pad life remains,” said Keith McComsey, director of marketing and customer solutions, Wheel-End, at Bendix Spicer Foundation Brake LLC (BSFB), “or worst case, discovering the pad is so worn that it has damaged the rotor or other components, requiring replacement of expensive parts.”

The Bendix technology brings the added benefit of helping avoid the risk of damage to costly rotors by alerting fleets to ADB pads nearing replacement condition.

“Some fleets,” McComsey began, “might routinely check pads at the end of the month, but at that point, the pads could be worn enough that they are scoring or otherwise damaging the rotor, which the fleet would now have to replace at an added expense of a couple hundred dollars per wheel-end, rather than only the cost of buying and installing a pad replacement kit – which is a fraction of that.”

Bendix wear sensing technology is available for both tractor and trailer through select OEM truck and trailer manufacturers. Kenworth Trucks offers the system on its T680, T880, and W990 tractors equipped with the Bendix ADB22X air disc brake.

On the trailer side, pad wear sensing technology is available on equipment spec’d with the Bendix ADB22X-LT trailer air disc brake. The technology is integrated with the Bendix TABS-6 Premium and Advanced trailer roll stability systems, meaning one of those must be spec’d along with wear sensing. Bendix wear sensing accommodates most trailer types, including vans, flatbed, reefers, and tanks.

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