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Better together: Fleetguard filters and Cummins engines


“Working together makes things better.” As statements go, it’s hardly controversial. Yet it’s undeniably true—as great as they are on their own, where would McCartney have been without Lennon? Shaq without Kobe? Hall without Oates? The same Hall-and-Oates formula applies to your truck—the components certainly work fine on their own, but components that are designed to work together? To elevate each other? That’s the next level, and it’s worth striving for.

It’s one of the advantages held by Fleetguard®, maker of heavy-duty filters. Fleetguard is part of Cummins®, and as such, its filters are designed alongside Cummins engines to ensure maximum compatibility.

In fact, Fleetguard is the only filtration company that is part of an engine company, so it is the only company with this advantage, or with this OEM-specific knowledge of how the filter can help you get the most of your engine.

You might wonder, why does that matter one way or the other? Well, the pairing of the engine and the filtration system allows for two-way access to a massive infrastructure of testing capabilities, engine test cells and databases, as well as collaboration among engine and engine sub-system experts, which would not otherwise be available to the same degree for two unrelated companies.

In addition, filtration products within an engine company are developed to meet real-world loads. The process of developing these products for real-world loads may reveal a need for new technology to maximize performance, which the filtration company can then develop — for an example, look at Fleetguard’s NanoNet® filter media for high pressure common rail fuel systems.

NanoNet filter media is made from 100% polymeric, multilayered synthetic media, meaning that they are extremely resistant to saturation and degradation over time. They also deliver fuel that meets the manufacturer’s suggested ISO 12/9/6 cleanliness level; and protect injectors against the release of captured particles during engine vibration and fuel surge.

That said, despite the particular advantages of pairing a Fleetguard filter with a Cummins engine, Fleetguard does provide filtration for all makes, as showcased in this video:

The Fleetguard app


Switching gears here a bit, let’s talk about the Fleetguard app, which is yet another advantage for users of Fleetguard filters.

The Fleetguard app exists to help Fleetguard customers quickly explore thousands of parts, create custom lists and share important information on their phone or tablet. Users can quickly find all the product details they need from part specifications to upgrade information to equipment applications.

With this app, users can:

  • Use cross-reference, equipment or attribute search to easily find their part number. 
  • Scan their Fleetguard barcode to quickly view product details. 
  • Share custom part lists via email or text.

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Better together: Fleetguard filters and Cummins engines

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