The biggest truck service stories of 2022

The biggest truck service stories of 2022

Staying on top of truck maintenance intervals, fleets ensure trucks are in optimal working order and stay on the move. Start 2023 off with valuable service-minded knowledge that can help your fleet to set itself up for success.

Takes one to know one

If you want to train the next generation of leaders for successful and flourishing fleet operations, the best place to start is by looking in the mirror. Leadership in the trucking industry is not about commanding and controlling, but rather about providing guidance and support. It involves growing both personally and professionally, and encouraging employees to do the same by giving them the environment, resources and surroundings to support their development.

The misleading nature of truck service: A cautionary tale

When a service truck comes into the shop with a transmission shifting issue, the technicians are faced with a mystery. Quick checks reveal low voltage codes, but the source of the problem remains one big question mark. As they take the truck for a test drive, the problem reappears. With careful detective work, they finally discover the cause: a wire that was tapped into to power the air conditioning compressor clutch, but was not providing enough power to power the transmission shift solenoids and compressor.

Splicing into circuits can cause any number of other problems that can lead to failures of costly components or assemblies. Can they fix the problem and keep the truck on the road or are is the final destination downtime? Find out in this story.

How data is impacting truck service strategies

A focus on the power of data has continued to shape Navistar’s strategy, particularly in the area of predictive maintenance. CEO Mathias Carlbaum envisions dealerships using data and predictive maintenance to be faster and more prepared, with the right parts and technicians on hand to quickly service vehicles and avoid unexpected breakdowns.

Navistar has also implemented Industry 4.0 processes in its manufacturing, with a modular, scalable approach that reduces complexity and allows for easier exchange of technology with other brands within the TRATON Group. This focus on data and technology will continue to be a central part of Navistar’s strategy as it looks towards the future.

Trucking towards increased visibility

In the fast-paced world of fleet trailer service, every minute counts. That’s why the latest telematics technologies are revolutionizing the way we approach maintenance and operations. With real-time data on critical components like tires, lights, and brakes, we can predict service needs and plan ahead. No more surprises on the road–just reliable, efficient performance.

Satisfaction guaranteed

As vehicles become more complex, it is important for maintenance inspections to evolve as well. While there are many common items that need regular attention across different vehicle models, there are also unique service points that are specific to each model. It is important for technicians to be thorough and review the service needs of the whole vehicle, rather than focusing on one aspect, in order to ensure all maintenance points are properly attended to and to build lasting relationships with customers.

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Peterbilt Technician Institute Nashville inaugural classes begin

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Peterbilt Technician Institute (PTI) announced the start of the inaugural service technician class at its Nashville campus. Students will complete 12 weeks of an accelerated service technician training program with the end goal of becoming certified Peterbilt Service technicians. 

A partnership between PTI and Lincoln Tech was established earlier this year to enhance and expand service technician training opportunities geographically. The PTI curriculum provides graduates of Lincoln Tech’s Auto, Diesel and Heavy Equipment Technology programs advanced training on systems ranging from fuel and electrical to HVAC, suspensions and brakes. Students are exposed to a three-part learning approach that includes hands-on training to build experience and working knowledge of Peterbilt trucks, Peterbilt said.

HDA Truck Pride adds Idaho’s Diesel Depot to its network

Diesel Depot has grown substantially over the years to 45 employees and a 25-bay shop.

Volvo Trucks names 11 new certified EV dealers

Volvo’s North American dealer support network for battery-electric trucks now includes 47 certified dealership locations.

Heartland Express receives SmartWay High Performer Award

The SmartWay High Performer Award recognizes companies who producesz more efficient transportation solutions.

Navistar recognizes top suppliers with 2023 Supplier Excellence Awards

The 2023 Supplier Excellence Awards have been designed to recognize suppliers in two major categories: performance and leadership.

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