The biggest truck service stories of 2021
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The biggest truck service stories of 2021

Jason Morgan is the content director of Fleet Equipment.

Art by Tammy House

You never know what service need is going to roll into your shop. The same is true for service content this year, where it runs the gamut of tried-and-true aftertreatment and engine issues (*shudder*) to the impact electric vehicles will have in the shop and the continued development data-driven service solutions that push us ever closer to the holy grail of predictive maintenance. So settle in, service-minded fleet readers, and peruse this rundown of stories and videos.

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It’s electric

Let’s start with the topic that gets the most buzz day in and day out on the sight. As electric trucks started rolling into fleets and tackling actual real-world, we started seeing a clearer picture of what it could mean for service centers–in both equipment, training and safety practices. To be honest, there are still more questions than answers when it comes to electric truck service just based on the fact that electric trucks haven’t been in service quite long enough to truly understand the long-term needs. But the stories below are a first step in that direction and great starting point for fleets researching EVs.

Service standards

We’re lucky enough to have three regular contributors who constantly knock out excellent truck service content. Darry Stuart, Jake Schell and Seth Skydel know their service sh… er, stuff. So much so that it’s hard to pick just one story that shows the depth of their expertise, but I did my best. For their full archive, click on their names above. It’s worth it.

Dealing with service data

This year ushered in the opportunity to tackle truck service data in a unique way: A long-running video series focused squarely on demystifying data and making smart service solutions approachable. With some help from our friends at Noregon, and some movie magic wizardry from our video department, we created a series that has, if I may say so, an actual character arc. While you’ll have to wait a week for the final episode of season one, now is a good time to take a look back at the series’s greatest hits. Or if you’re a newcomer, click here to binge watch it all.

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