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QuikQ rolls out Fuel Island Manager

The software is designed to streamline fueling for drivers by detecting and validating the position of a truck in the fueling lane and turning on dispensers without magnetic stripe cards and with little or no driver input. Also, if the truck leaves the lane, the dispenser is sent a signal to stop fueling, virtually eliminating the possibility of fraud at the dispenser.

Penray introduces Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner

The newest product in the company’s Power Fleet product line is formulated to dissolve and disperse asphaltenes and provide a total fuel system cleaning. Total Diesel Fuel System Cleaner enhances the overall performance of the fuel while providing and maintaining a completely clean fuel system, adding power, lubricity and cetane.

Plan for higher fuel prices

Diesel fuel prices have increased steadily the last few months, and I don’t see any factors on the horizon trying to bring them down. Crude oil is priced in U.S. dollars. With the value of the dollar falling due to our high debt load, crude oil costs can only increase. Soon we will see prices

Commercial tire retread options

Almost 90% of commercial trucking fleets retread their tires at least one time. Steer tires are typically retreaded with a drive tire design the first time. The second retread will most likely be retreaded back to the trailer. Drive tires are retreaded as another drive tire and then back to a trailer design. Trailer tires

Shell Rotella Ultra ELC leads revamped heavy-duty coolant portfolio

Shell Rotella Ultra ELC, an extended-life antifreeze/coolant for use in heavy-duty diesel, gasoline and natural gas-powered engines, is designed to go 600,000 on-highway miles and provide overall reduction in cooling system maintenance. It is formulated to meet more severe operational conditions of modern, hotter-running engines

Lube effects on fleet fuel economy

Last month I suggested fleets utilize the thinnest oils possible in their engines, transmissions and differentials to maximize fuel economy by minimizing pumping losses. A friend’s subsequent question prompted me to further discuss oil viscosity (resistance to flow) this month. All liquids, except bismuth and water (between 0˚ F and 4˚ F), become less viscous

Truck tire balancing clarification

As late as the 1970s, some bias ply truck tires came from the factory with balancing “pads” strategically placed inside the tire liner to at least partially correct the uneven distribution of mass around the tire. This helped reduce vibration as the truck rolled at increasing speeds on road surfaces. Of course, then suspension systems

Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40 exposes the semi-synthetic myth

Chevron Lubricants said its premium conventional heavy-duty motor oil, Delo 400 LE SAE 15W-40, was equal to or better than leading semi-synthetics in industry-recognized tests in the areas of wear control, oxidation and deposit control.

Spectra Premium launches Checkered Flag fuel delivery promotion

Through March 31, technicians and counter persons can receive cash back for qualifying fuel delivery purchases and sales. Qualifying Spectra Premium products include fuel tank assemblies, fuel modules, hanger assemblies, fuel tanks, filler necks, sending units and fuel tank straps.

Wix ecoLast heavy-duty oil filter doubles life

The oil filters capture dirt and soot like a traditional filter, while utilizing media to sequester the acids in the oil. The company said typical fleets that average four oil changes per vehicle per year can save approximately $100 to $200 per vehicle annually using ecoLast filters when compared to oil changes using standard oil filters.

Donaldson expands fuel filter product line

The expanded line of replacement fuel filters includes a full complement of filters to fit Cummins engines, Racor fuel systems, Stanadyne Fuel Manager FM100 fuel systems and DAVCO Fuel Pro 380/382/482 fuel processors. Many of the fuel filters in the expanded line have Twist&Drain valves, which are designed with a wider, easy-turn profile; self-venting for easy water flow; and a single threaded port in the bottom of the filter housing for fast and easy water draining.

Beware of scams when improving fleet fuel economy

It’s gratifying to see regulators finally shift their focus from reducing NOx emissions to reducing global warming, because global warming can be reduced by improving efficiency. Improved fleet fuel economy can significantly reduce a fleet’s carbon footprint. But beware. When fuel economy becomes an issue, charlatans come out of the woodwork. During commercial fuel economy