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Fleet tire program teamwork

Initiating a serious tire program should involve an entire team: drivers, mechanics, the local tire dealer, the road service provider and, of course, the vehicle maintenance department.

Factors that affect fuel costs, availability

Many factors and events have combined to paint the current fuel picture, including fracking, environmental concerns, politics, fuel prices, the economy and more.

Pros and cons of long-term fuel storage

Financial advantages for fleets’ long-term fuel storage can be outweighed by problems with regulatory compliance and fuel deterioration.

Fuel facts (and fiction)

Fleet managers are tasked with sorting out the unbiased truth when it comes to today’s fuel choices.

Time is money for fleet tire programs

Time savings should be quantified and calculated into a fleet’s cost/benefit analysis for a tire pressure monitoring system.

Blackmer cites pump performance

Blackmer said its XL Series sliding vane pumps can improve overall efficiency and performance in lube oil applications. Constructed of ductile iron that will withstand sudden thermal shock and stress, all models also are fitted with replaceable casing liners and end discs that allow easy rebuilding of the pump.

Used oil is worth the real money

West Texas crude costs approximately $80 per barrel as I’m writing this column, so it makes this month’s subject seem irrelevant. However, the price of crude will be back over $100 per barrel soon. Inflation and higher worldwide demand, as expected, will combine to increase prices significantly. Used oil is becoming a valuable commodity due

Keep truck tires cool in the summer heat

A tire’s worst enemy is heat. When a rubber-based compound reaches a critical temperature, the rubber will begin to deteriorate and can lead to a tire separation.

DEF Tracker adds new pricing references

Montreal and Tampa markets have been added to Integer Research’s DEF Tracker price information service for North America, which offers monthly price listings for full and less-than-full truckload bulk DEF deliveries, totes and packaged products.

Shell, TA to provide NG fueling options for trucking fleets

Shell has signed a memorandum of understanding with TravelCenters of America to sell liquefied natural gas to heavy-duty road transport customers in the U.S. through TA’s existing nationwide network of full-service fueling centers.

Natural gas, the new panacea?

Widespread incorporation of “fracking” and subsequent media attention has significantly increased natural gas production.

Cost per mile defined

When comparing alternatives using tire cost per mile specifics, the key is to determine the exact factors to be included or excluded from the calculation.