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Chevron reaffirms commitment to customer education

Chevron Products, maker of the Delo brand of engine oils, lubricants and coolants, announced its has expanded its commitment to customer and market education by introducing an upgraded portion of its website.

Truck tires and fuel, a complex relationship

The real life fuel efficiency of new truck tires is typically quantified by rolling resistance, the amount of power/energy required to push the tire down the road under a given load, inflation and speed conditions.

Fleet engine oils are changing

Several factors will soon eliminate the universal heavy-duty diesel engine oils we’ve used for years. These changes will complicate life for fleet operators.

2013 Shell Rotella SuperRigs calendar free with oil change

Through Nov. 30, truckers who visit a participating installer location and purchase a minimum 10-gal. oil change of Shell Rotella T Triple Protection, Shell Rotella T5 Semi Synthetic Technology, or Shell Rotella T6 Full Synthetic will receive a 2013 Shell Rotella SuperRigs calendar.

Alternate fuels selection needs intelligent thinking

We need to quickly choose fuel alternatives that make financial sense for all in the U.S. so we can be cost-effective with future research expenditures.

Reducing tire-related roadside service calls

It is well documented that the No. 1 cause of roadside service calls is tires – and a roadside service call is very costly. Here’s how to significantly minimize roadside service calls.

Shell develops transmission fluid to meet Allison TES 295 spec

In a joint effort with Allison Transmission to meet the growing global demand for heavy-duty automatic transmissions, Shell Lubricants has introduced Shell Spirax S6 ATF A295 synthetic automatic transmission fluid, which is approved against Allison’s stringent TES-295 specification for extended warranty and extended drain intervals.

Fuel theft prevention from FuelDefend

FuelDefend Global, a manufacturer of locks and anti-theft systems for transportation, said it has a wide range of NeckIt! fuel tank security products designed to prevent siphoning of fuel from a truck’s tanks. The device slips into the neck of a truck fuel tank to prevent the use of any but a small constricted hose, thereby frustrating the theft, the company said.

Chevron Delo highlights ways to reduce operating costs

Chevron Lubricants hosted events for some 750 fleet professionals to demonstrate ways to reduce operating costs and improve vehicle efficiencies. Attendees had the chance to experience the 80-ft. Delo Truck education center, which provides insight into how the Chevron Delo product family helps maximize fuel efficiency, limit repairs, protect engines and gears, and extend the life of machinery.

Smith Dairy Trucking opens northern Ohio CNG fueling station

Smith Dairy Trucking unveiled a new compressed natural gas fueling island in northern Ohio late this summer and said it is now making the station available to other fleets around the clock, seven days a week.

Love’s opens first CNG fueling facility for Class 8 trucks

Love’s Travel Stops has opened its first compressed natural gas fuel facility designed for rapid fueling of heavy-duty trucks, located at the Love’s Travel Stop on Interstate 40 at the Morgan Road exit west of downtown Oklahoma City.

Financial philosophy for troubled times

CNG and LNG prices are low, the supply appears limitless, and several corporations have committed to installing refueling stations across the country. Corn-based ethanol is slowly dying, but no one has yet scheduled the funeral.