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API CJ-4 oil status

Previously (see my June 2006 column) I explained that API CJ-4 oils for 2007 and later diesel engines were a compromise requested by engine builders to enable the use of particulate traps to meet stringent emissions requirements.

Terresolve introduces Biobased Multifunctional Diesel Fuel Treatment

Terresolve has introduced Bio FHD-30, a Farm Bill-compliant, biobased multifunctional diesel fuel treatment.

Penray enhances Winter Blend BioDiesel fuel treatment

Penray has enhanced its Winter Blend BioDiesel fuel treatment to make it the very best fuel treatment available in the industry.

Shockingly good tire wear

The soft-riding trucks of today are a far cry from therough-and-tumble kidney bouncers of yesterday.

I told you diesel was winning

Last December, I gave several reasons why I thought clean diesel would be the fuel of choice for our nationÂ??s immediate future.SHTO.on isn’t easy.offer more. yet! r mention. called. e more Arial;”>, N.C., early in May.ze in our lifetime – then fuel economy is likely a high priority for you.

Penray features WINTER POW-R PLUS BioDiesel Fuel Treatment

Penray says its WINTER POW-R PLUS BioDiesel Fuel Treatment provides superior cold weather protection.

ConocoPhillips Lubricants introduces Triton Synthetic gear lube

ConocoPhillips Lubricants announced the introduction of Triton Synthetic Gear Lube 75W90 and 80W140, a tri-branded “Family of Brands” offering available to ConocoPhillips Lubricants customers who buy products under the Conoco, Phillips 66 and 76 Lubricants brands.

Penray Offers Winter Pow-R Plus for BioDiesel Fuel Treatment

Penray’s Winter Pow-R Plus for BioDiesel Fuel Treatment is ready for use in BioDiesel and is ULSD compliant.

Diesels will win the fuel race

Last month I said we are now getting some sanity back regarding which alternate fuels and feedstock sources will be utilized in the U. S. marketplace. Well, it’s not over yet!

Leverage a good tire/wheel program

Few managers question the traditional benefits of a well thought out and executed tire/wheel program.

Shell Lubricants Announces 2007 Shell Technology Tour Technology Tour To Educate Fleet Customers Nationwide

Shell Lubricants has announced the launch of the second annual Shell Technology Tour.

Tire ideas abound

I recently hopped into a shiny new rental car. In short order, I pulled to the side of the road after deciding that I was being distracted trying to locate the controls to perform basic functions such as turning on headlights, de-froster, radio, and map lights.