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Cost per mile defined

When comparing alternatives using tire cost per mile specifics, the key is to determine the exact factors to be included or excluded from the calculation.

Politics and fuel prices

Diesel fuel prices are high, and they should continue to increase, barring a worldwide recession – find out how politics come into play when it comes to fuel prices.

Perform an annual fleet tire survey

One of the most important analyses every commercial trucking fleet should be performing on an annual basis is a meaningful tire survey on trucks and trailers – here’s how.

Shell seeks Virtual SuperRigs entries

For truckers who believe they have a Shell Rotella SuperRigs-worthy truck but aren’t able to attend the 30th anniversary event in Joplin, Mo., the company has added a Virtual SuperRigs contest.

Used oil analysis best practices

A good used oil program helps fleets figure out, with the help of the sample reports, exactly what is going on in the engine and also can provide a working history of engines.

PC-11 means improved fuel economy

The new PC-11 diesel lube oil specification, scheduled to take effect in 2017, is primarily driven by fuel economy and reduction of greenhouse gas.

TPMS: take time to know the options

In a government-sponsored field study involving two major fleets operating their normal routes and loads over approximately one and a half years, both fleets experienced a fuel economy improvement of 1.4% for TPMS-fitted trucks.

Keeping lubes clean in the shop

Shell Lubricants offers best practices for how fleet managers can manage, use, store, dispense and analyze their lube products.

Cummins Filtration releases new fuel filters

The new Fleetguard FF5782 fuel filter with nanotechnology-based filtration media was developed specifically to meet the high-performance demands of Cummins QSK high-horsepower engines. According to the company, the filter traps 98.7% of all particles as small as 4 microns.

Luber-finer reports successful 2012 MATS

During MATS, Luber-finer gave away a SiriusXM Satellite Radio with a $50 prepaid subscription card each day of the show. In addition, the company’s director of heavy-duty sales Pete Haskell, and vice president of sales John Casanova participated in an interview on WLW/XM166 that reached an audience of over one million listeners.

Chevron Introduces Delo 400 NG SAE 15W-40

New Delo 400 NG SAE 15W-40 from Chevron Lubricants is a premium oil for use in compressed natural gas, liquefied natural gas and liquefied petroleum gas engines that meets performance requirements of key OEM specifications.

Luber-finer expands product lineup, adds digital options

Luber-finer is utilizing some of the newest digital communications platforms to deliver the most up-to-date product information for its line of OEM-quality filters for heavy-duty trucking, construction equipment, mining, oil and gas, marine, farm machinery and industrial applications.