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Consider all aspects of a fleet tire program

"Iridescent" is a word you probably haven’t associated with your tire program. However, it may describe a concept fleet managers should be thinking about when considering outsourcing and maintenance. Iridescent is defined as "displaying a variety of different colors that change when viewed from different angles." With different "angles" impacting our industry today, here are

Selecting fuels for your fleet – now and in the future

I’m certainly glad I don’t manage a fleet. Selecting fleet fuels is a difficult job in the best of times, but how can you do it properly in the midst of all the recent discussions and turmoil? For some fleets, stockholders insist that your fleet is "green," yet your operation must show a profit. Environmental

Understanding truck tires and air pressure

Since loads vary by wheel position, using the load/inflation tables published by any tire manufacturer will determine the proper tire pressure based on the specific load.

Luber-finer product catalogs serve as reference tools

The following Luber-finer filtration product catalogs can be accessed online: Automotive and Light Trucks Applications catalog; Medium/Heavy-Duty Applications catalog; and Cross Reference and Principal Applications catalog. The interactive catalogs give users one-click access to the most popular brands, fastest-moving part numbers and millions of applications in the automotive industry.

Valvoline UltraMax is for heavy-duty diesel equipment

Valvoline’s UltraMax product line has two new offerings: UltraMax Heavy Duty Engine Oil SAE 10W-40, which offers high temperature film thickness and low temperature pumpability for extended wear protection; and UltraMax Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner, which cleans harmful deposits from the entire fuel injection system.

Comdata launches cardless fueling program for fleets

The company said its new cardless fueling solution for travel centers and transportation companies uses radio frequency identification technology to initiate transactions at the fuel terminal, instead of requiring the presence of a card to facilitate the process.

The need for a national energy policy

Let’s discuss unintended consequences of our lack of a national energy policy, and point out the need to develop one ASAP. The Chinese are competing with us for natural resources. China represents 9.4% of the world’s economy, yet the country is currently purchasing 46.9% of the world’s coal, 47% of the world’s iron ore and

Exploring the future of pneumatic truck tires

What will the commercial over-the-road truck tire (or its worthy replacement) look like in 10 to 20 years? Although we can’t evaluate currently unknown innovations, we can look at developments in other tire types: race, passenger car, aircraft, military and other niche market applications. We now have run-flat passenger car tires that have successfully obsoleted

Rislone fuel injector cleaner maximizes vehicle power, mileage

Rislone Fuel Injector Cleaner with Upper Cylinder Lubricant combines a unique blend of additives to clean and lubricate the entire fuel system and protect the engine. UCL lubricates the fuel system, starting in the fuel tank and fuel lines, where it helps prevent rust and corrosion. It also lubricates and protects the fuel pump for longer life and quieter operation, the company said.

We need a national energy policy – NOW

Developing sources of energy sufficient enough to provide for our nation’s needs is very serious business. Yet we are one of the few developed nations in the world without a succinct energy policy. We don’t seem to realize we are in direct competition with the Chinese for valuable resources on our own soil! Instead, I

CSA and tires: An update

Commercial trucking fleets are spending a lot of time these days trying to meet all of the rules and regulations in FMCSA’s rollout of CSA, which officially began December 2010. Fleets and drivers are both affected by CSA. A high score, which is bad, can lead to government intervention for the fleet and potential serious

Shell Rotella offers limited warranty

The warranty, which comes free with the purchase of Shell Rotella T6 full synthetic, Shell Rotella T5 synthetic blend or Shell Rotella Triple Protection heavy-duty engine oils, covers 10 heavy-duty diesel engine parts for do-it-yourself and installed customer oil changes for up to 10 years or 500,000 miles.