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Purolator launches website dedicated to heavy-duty filtration

The new site,, includes comprehensive data on oil, air, fuel and coolant filters, as well as hydraulic and cabin air filters and air dryers, for all types of medium- and heavy-duty vehicles and applications, including trucks, buses, mobile off-highway vehicles, construction equipment and agriculture applications using heavy-duty filters.

New DEF price reference service offered for North America

DEF Tracker price benchmarks the key metropolitan statistical areas in the U.S. and Canada and reports end-user FTL, LTL and tote refill prices.

Invest to improve your fleet’s fuel operation

You can question the EPA’s authority to set fuel economy standards without congressional approval, but the result is favorable for end users.

Fleets, tires and fuel economy

Every fleet is looking at all viable options for both the tractor and trailer when it comes to fuel economy. So what are these options and do they offer a short return on investment?

2012 Shell Rotella SuperRigs calendar available

The 2012 calendar includes many of the winners from this year’s Shell Rotella SuperRigs, which took place at the Kenly 95 Petro in Kenly, N.C. Also included is a handy dashboard mini calendar to keep inside a truck.

Selecting fleet fuels

This month, I’ll further explain how I developed last month’s perspective on fleet fuel selection. Diesel fuel is my choice when it comes to maximizing fuel economy, because it is so energy efficient. No other hydrocarbon packs so much energy in so little space, and improved fuel economy significantly reduces crude oil imports. Energy forecasters

Consider all aspects of a fleet tire program

"Iridescent" is a word you probably haven’t associated with your tire program. However, it may describe a concept fleet managers should be thinking about when considering outsourcing and maintenance. Iridescent is defined as "displaying a variety of different colors that change when viewed from different angles." With different "angles" impacting our industry today, here are

Selecting fuels for your fleet – now and in the future

I’m certainly glad I don’t manage a fleet. Selecting fleet fuels is a difficult job in the best of times, but how can you do it properly in the midst of all the recent discussions and turmoil? For some fleets, stockholders insist that your fleet is "green," yet your operation must show a profit. Environmental

Understanding truck tires and air pressure

Since loads vary by wheel position, using the load/inflation tables published by any tire manufacturer will determine the proper tire pressure based on the specific load.

Luber-finer product catalogs serve as reference tools

The following Luber-finer filtration product catalogs can be accessed online: Automotive and Light Trucks Applications catalog; Medium/Heavy-Duty Applications catalog; and Cross Reference and Principal Applications catalog. The interactive catalogs give users one-click access to the most popular brands, fastest-moving part numbers and millions of applications in the automotive industry.

Valvoline UltraMax is for heavy-duty diesel equipment

Valvoline’s UltraMax product line has two new offerings: UltraMax Heavy Duty Engine Oil SAE 10W-40, which offers high temperature film thickness and low temperature pumpability for extended wear protection; and UltraMax Diesel Fuel Injector Cleaner, which cleans harmful deposits from the entire fuel injection system.

Comdata launches cardless fueling program for fleets

The company said its new cardless fueling solution for travel centers and transportation companies uses radio frequency identification technology to initiate transactions at the fuel terminal, instead of requiring the presence of a card to facilitate the process.