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Challenges of the Highway Trust Fund

Last month, a group of trucking industry executives, industry associations and political representatives gathered at the Liaison hotel in Washington, D.C., to discuss the looming threat to the Highway Trust Fund (HTF). According to a presentation given by the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), the HTF obligations will fall nearly 100%

Challenges higway trust fund heavy duty truck Volvo
KLLM is focused on technology as a path to a competitive advantage

For KLLM Transport Services, one of the more highly recognized temperature-controlled carriers in the United States, using technology to gain cost and competitive advantages has helped paved the road to success for many years. Recently, however, that need grew significantly, if not in scope then most certainly in size. In mid summer of this year,

KLLM-Jim Richards
The finishing touch: Paints and finishes that ‘wow’ and protect

Those smooth lines. That clean finish. Is there anything more inspiring than a beautifully finished truck ready to hit the road and get the job done? In today’s trucking industry, a well-maintained truck finish reflects the detail-oriented, hard-working philosophy of the fleet. But every day your rolling road warriors are fighting a battle against road

Paint Finish Fleets Protect
Good preventative maintenance can cure CSA headaches

Ever since the Federal Motor Carriers Safety Administration launched its initiative called Compliance, Safety, Accountability (CSA) there has been increased attention to the condition of over-the-road equipment. Everyone wants to avoid problems during a roadside inspection because every infraction will be reported to the FMCSA and made public via the Internet. According to some fleet

Avoiding CSA Headaches Violations
Generating uptime: Meeting medium-duty fleet needs

Navistar’s president reflects on how truck OEMs are addressing the needs of medium-duty fleets: “The goals of medium-duty fleets are not really different than those of heavy-duty on-highway operations,” says Bill Kozek, president, North America Truck and Parts at Navistar. “While medium-duty operations generally see trucks as a tool to get their real business done,

Meeting Medium Duty Needs
2014 heavy-duty diesel engines update

EPA’s greenhouse gas emission standards (GHG14) for heavy-duty vehicles begin with model year 2014. NHTSA’s fuel consumption standards will be voluntary in model years 2014 and 2015 and become mandatory with model year 2016 for most regulatory categories. Both agencies allow manufacturers to comply early in model year 2013 and that is essentially what the

Heavy Duty Diesel Engine Update
Haney Truck Line uses maintenance management software to effectively address the needs of its fleet

Five years ago, handwritten information on the maintenance of the Haney Truck Line fleet was the norm, says Scott Kessinger, service and parts manager. “Today,” he states, “maintenance management software is enabling us to more effectively manage 450 tractors and 1,500 trailers in three shops.” Headquartered in Yakima, Wash., Haney Truck Line is one of

Haney Truck Fleet Profile
From sleeper to day cab: Cab conversion might be a consideration for fleets

If you need some additional equipment, you might want to look into a retired over-the-road sleeper that is economically capable of a new life as a day cab. If, on the other hand, you need to dispose of some sleepers that are still alive and well but have 800,000 to a 1 million miles on

Prairie Tech 5 sleeper cab
Engine overhaul: Good maintenance, high-quality components support engine life

While following manufacturers’ recommended maintenance procedures will ensure the longest possible life of a fleet’s engines, eventually there may come a time when an overhaul is necessary. Particularly, as fleets strive to maximize uptime and equipment life, reman engines—which are rebuilt from the bottom up according to very stringent guidelines—are becoming more popular. Working with truck

engine overhaul good maintenance
Safety first at Verst: Driver and equipment initiatives at Verst Group Logistics are resulting in impressive safety performance

“When it comes to safety, we are best served by addressing behaviors, focusing on avoiding and preventing risk,” says Christopher Cusick, vice president, transportation at Verst Group Logistics. “We don’t need to spend time teaching drivers how to drive trucks.” Verst Group, headquartered in the Northern Kentucky/Cincinnati, Ohio, corridor, is taking a multi-faceted approach to

Verst Truck Yard
“Managing” can minimize downtime: Why trucks experience unscheduled downtime and addressing remedies

Unexpected out-of-service events, especially when they happen on the road, are always expensive—too expensive to be dismissed as being inevitable. Yet many fleets, in their busy day-to-day operations, too often fail to address how the road breakdowns that they do experience might be avoided in the future. Dick Hyatt, president of Decisiv Inc., a provider

Minimizing Downtime Ryder Fleet