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Handling the tough hauls: What you need to know about severe-duty drivetrain, axles and suspensions

Extreme loads are no match for properly spec’ed and maintained severe-duty truck models. Vehicle OEMs, in fact, list a range of applications for which they have specific models designed to meet severe-duty needs. Included are dump, concrete, crane, roll-off body, refuse, heavy haul, logging, oil and gas field service, utility, fire and emergency, snow plow

Tough Hauls severe-duty drivetrain, axles and suspensions
Harnessing the power: Spec’ing batteries to meet today’s electrical system demands

The demands placed on today’s fleets are staggering. In addition to increased efficiency demands on the mechanical side, computer systems, ECUs, GPS, iPhones, TVs, reefer units and countless other innovations tax the truck’s electrical system. The electrical demands are more than ever in history, and demand for voltage is not going away—it’s going to grow.

Heavy-duty Truck Sleeper Batteries
Paint finishes offer fleets more than just a ‘pretty face’

“Beauty is only skin deep,” they say, and if that’s to be believed, then today’s fleet vehicles have extremely tough skin. Faced with an ever-more aggressive environment, continually degrading road conditions and trucks that last in excess of a million miles, fleet managers need to pay attention to their vehicles’ paint condition. According to three

Aerodynamic advantages for trucking fleets

Though many things have changed in this industry over the past century-plus, certain things haven’t. Trucking fleets still try to deliver goods and products as quickly and economically as possible—and the air does its best to disrupt the success of that journey. Scientific studies have shown that a truck and trailer combination moves tremendous amounts