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How is a tire SmartWay verified?

The tire verification process for a new tire is rigorous, even by today’s demanding efficiency expectations.

What electric trucks on the road now can tell us about electric trucks of the future

Electric trucks are hitting the road. And beyond the (extremely cool) fact that what once may have seemed like a distant fantasy has now officially become a full-fledged reality, there’s a lot we can learn from observing these trucks.

CalVans ride-sharing operation adds more than 150 hybrid electric vans to its fleet

A non-profit public transit agency, the California Vanpool Authority (CalVans) provides ride-sharing services paid for by users, a cost it strives to keep as low as possible by making the most effective equipment choices. At the same time, the agency has continually focused on ways to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its fleet.

Watch: Buying used trailers

Throughout last year, the trailer market was hitting record-setting levels, and many fleets found themselves on long waiting lists for new equipment. With that being the case, and with backlogs still fairly substantial, many fleets have turned to used trailers for their equipment needs.

Five truck trend takeaways from May

We know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that happens in the world of trucking. So here are the biggest stories from May focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.

Navistar moves to settle class action lawsuits, Troy Clarke sets sights on future

U.S class action plaintiffs have filed a motion seeking preliminary judicial approval of a settlement agreement that, when effective, will be a major step in resolving EGR litigation related to International Model Year 2011-2104 Class 8 trucks sold with the Navistar’s big bore engines.

Navistar-International-Truck-CEO-Troy-clarke-featured image
Watch: Wheel end fires: How to determine the cause

Wheel end fire are serious maintenance issues that can be caused by setup, maintenance, driver neglect, road debris or some combination of all of these factors.

Wheel end fires
The value of experience in fleet management

As we get older, we are retiring or simply getting tired of the grind, especially in today’s high-stress world of sky-high performance expectations and razor-thin margins. You need to remember, however, that there’s value in experience.

Self driven: What’s a neural network?

What’s a neural network? It’s a computer system that mimics our brains. It’s software made up of connected nodes of information and every time a signal travels from one node to another it makes a connection that leads to an understanding of what’s happening in the situation.

Automated self driving truck neural network
Self driven: Dr. Wilfried Achenbach leads DTNA’s engineers into the automated unknown

Dr. Wilfried Achenbach has a unique perspective on developing advanced safety systems. But it’s not the one you might expect from Daimler Trucks North America’s senior vice president of engineering and technology.

FE May 19 cover story
A guide to today’s aftertreatment systems: How they’re improving and how to maintain them

According to the manufacturers, the accumulation of a decade-plus of knowledge has informed the designs of new aftertreatment systems, and they are much improved compared to their earlier counterparts.

The right wheel end systems contribute to efficiency, long service life

Fleets have an increasing amount of options when selecting wheel end systems.