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Know what you are getting when it comes to fuel

In the upcoming winter months, we will see temperatures start to dip below zero in certain parts of the country. Certain trucks may die or not start. At the center of the board is proper fuel, maintenance and experience.

Fuels and lubes column
Watch: Fleet Equipment’s top five truck tire maintenance tips

Tires are one of your biggest costs. If you want to get the most life and the best ROI out of them, there are important maintenance checks you should be making on a regular basis.

Western Star brings tough to technology

Just because a job is hard doesn’t mean that the solution has to be. The Western Star team tackles it from all angles.

Automated and automatic transmissions for heavy-haul

Heavy-haul. Just the name itself gets across the kind of power that is needed for trucks in these applications. Yet the trucks need to be versatile as well, because the truck won’t spend all of its time on the jobsite.

More facts you need to know about today’s coolants

The chemistry of today’s coolants is fairly complex, and it’s capable of more than you might think.

Think there’s nothing new to know about trucking coolants? Think again

It’s easy to get caught up in the latest head-spinning equipment advances and overlook the fact that the truck is a complex system. When one component evolves, its operation changes; those changes impact tried-and-true components like coolant mixtures more than you might think.

Protecting the tire bead means protecting the truck

Maintaining the proper levels of inflation in a truck’s tires is a crucial aspect of keeping drivers safe and the truck fuel-efficient. But there’s another, often overlooked reason to make pre- and post-trip tire inflation inspections part of a driver’s daily routine: protecting the tire bead.

Watch: Technician training in a virtual world

In the past, digital training opportunities in the industry meant leveraging video- and computer-based training. While these are still tried and true methods, today we can take it one step further by using virtual and augmented reality to train technicians.

What are your trucking data rights?

Data-driven solutions will soon predict when components on your trucks will fail based on your spec, duty cycle, application, driver behavior, service practices and more. These aren’t general predictions for all of the trucks on the road; they’re predictions tailored for you.

Watch: In-house or outsourced fleet maintenance?

Your trucks are complex, expensive pieces of equipment. So, when it comes to your maintenance needs, deciding whether to go in-house or to use an outsourced provider can also be complex.

Watch: The difference between air ride and leaf spring suspensions

There are two major styles of suspensions for heavy-duty trucks out there, air ride and leaf spring, and knowing the difference between the two can be important based on your application.

Five truck trend takeaways from September

We know it’s not easy to keep up with everything that happens in the world of trucking. So here are the biggest stories from September focused on the latest truck trends, all in one place.