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Watch: Aluminum or steel wheels – What’s best for your truck?

Wheels basically fall into two categories – aluminum and steel. And like every other part you spec for your truck, the right choice for you might not be the right choice for your neighbor. Instead, it all depends on your application.

Drivers’ reactions to video and technology

Historically, drivers have been painted as technology adverse. Is that the case today? Also, video seems to be the new frontier in telematics­—what’s driving that?

The people piece of the technology puzzle

As new technology and change enters the workplace, what are some managing tips that help ease those growing pains?

Trimble experts talk transparently about your toughest trucking questions

Fleet Equipment has gathered strategy experts from all throughout Trimble Transportation to answer your toughest questions about data, privacy, artificial intelligence and more.

Watch: Keep wax buildup out of your diesel engine in cold weather

Cold weather is especially difficult on diesel engines. This is because a percentage of diesel fuel is made of paraffin wax molecules that give diesel that little extra little “umph” in the stored energy department. While these wax molecules are completely harmless in warmer temperatures, if the fuel gets cold enough this wax can crystallize and form a gel-like consistency that will clog the truck’s fuel filters.

The ins and outs of trailer tire inflation technology

One of the biggest culprits behind tire costs, if not the biggest, is improper inflation, which is why many fleets turn to technology to help avoid these problems and save money and time.

Double importance: Proper tire inflation is especially important for duals

If you’re running duals on your trailers, inflation becomes, if you’ll pardon the pun, doubly important. With dual tires working so closely together, it becomes absolutely vital that they are running at the same inflation level or very close to it, or the results can be catastrophic.

Improving your communication with dealer service locations to reduce downtime

As a fleet manager, you’ve probably asked your service provider dozens of questions already today, and the only answer more frustrating than the answer you didn’t want to hear is not hearing an answer at all.

Questions to ask your service partners

Our panel of experts weighed in on the questions that your crew should definitely be asking of service providers.

Velociti Inc. technology support and maintenance services
Is it time to start your own service operation?

The latest numbers from ATA’s Technology and Maintenance Council (TMC) and FleetNet America benchmarking study noted that the average cost of a roadside maintenance event per mechanical repair in Q4 2018 was $334.20—the highest it had ever been since the quarterly benchmarking project started more than a year ago.

Solving the puzzle: Eagle Transport is using fleet management technology to put all the right pieces together

Primarily, Eagle Transport hauls raw milk from farms and plants to production facilities. The niche carrier also works with organic and smaller farms. In addition, it handles some loads of liquid sugar.

Eight steps to maximize truck efficiency and reduce emissions

Advancements in vehicle and engine technology, communication systems, fleet management programs and more allow fleet operators to improve performance, reduce emissions and reduce operating costs.