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Truck tire care: basic, but subtle

For years, recommendations for truck tire maintenance centered around inflation checks

When simple choices aren’t enough

Selecting the best truck tires, or more specifically, matching tires to expected service conditions, has traditionally been accomplished by following a few simple guidelines. 

Keep wheels tightened properly

There is no good time for loose truck wheels; never was,don’t expect there will be.

Where will all the steer tires go?

Having the ability to interchange used and retreaded tires of the same size on different axles is a luxury most tire managers have enjoyed for decades


Will truck tires always remain round and black in essentially their present form?

Times are changing; tires, too

Not many years ago, most industry veterans would have characterized our industry as conservative, resistant to change and in some cases, downright stubborn to accept new ideas.

Progress for “pressure” is overdue

While watching some old open-wheel racing films recently, I was struck by several things.

Change? Analyze total tire cost first

There is considerable pressure within many trucking firms to examine all significant expenses with an eye to cost reduction.

Smoother ride may reduce costs

Well thought-out and properly executed tire programs have many benefits.

Scrap tires: opportunities, problems

Every two years, the Rubber Manufacturers Association (RMA) publishes a report titled “Scrap Tire Markets in the United States”

Steel wheel refinishing comes of age

Putting a new face on used steel truck wheels and rims has never been easy.

Zipper rupture bulletin available

Don’t laugh – this is serious business