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Axle length matters

Currently, there is discussion in the industry that has the potential to affect tire selection. Ironically, tires themselves aren’t really the issue. The use of new generation wide single tires, primarily the 55 Series designed for over-the-road use, replacing traditional dual sets, is at the heart of the issue. In order to maintain approximately the

Chrysler fully commits to light-, medium-duty for 2010

Over the past few months, the opportunity to test drive a series of Chrysler vehicles has illustrated first-hand the wide variety of models that the OEM has available for businesses operating fleets of light- and medium-duty equipment. Provided courtesy of the manufacturer, and supplied by Event Solutions International (ESI), a partner of North American Vehicle

Rolling resistance: Part 1 of fuel consumption

Not so long ago, there were three primary criteria for truck tire selection: treadwear, durability and price. Consolidation of the tire manufacturing industry and advances in materials and process technology have brought wear and durability much closer together among tire brands, and at much higher levels of overall performance. It might even be said, provided

Plugging in

As fleet vehicle purchasing announcements go, it is certainly one that makes you sit up and take notice. FPL Group Inc., the parent company of Florida Power & Light Co., and Duke Energy, which serves customers in five states, announced plans to transition their fleets to plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles (PEVs). The joint commitment,

Tire fires: a modern version

The best thing about truck tire fires is that they hardly ever happen anymore. There are good reasons for that. One is that steel radials simply don’t fail in this manner. Older, bias-ply tires were built with multiple layers of crossed body plies that flexed as the tire rolled under load. Increased loads, decreased inflation

A new era begins

To power the next generation of its F-Series Super Duty pickups in 2011, Ford Motor Co. has designed, tested and will now manufacture its own 6.7-L turbocharged V-8 diesel engine. The new powerplant will replace the Navistar-built engines Ford has used in its F-Series pickups since 1979. The new Ford diesel, which will be manufactured

When tire stems that seem okay fail

Truck maintenance may often seem like a balancing act. This is especially true with new technology, components, environmental regulations and supplier consolidation.

Changing dynamics

“Economic, social and global issues, as well as industry dynamics, aredriving change,” related Jim Carney, executive director of the NationalTruck Equipment Association (NTEA).

Alcoa introduces new stronger, lighter weight 24.5-in. LvL ONE wheel

Alcoa Wheel and Transportation Products recently rolled out the 24.5-in. LvL ONE wheel. The new wheel in the 24.5-in. x 8.25-in. standard wheel category works with load range “H” tires, with a load rating of 7,850 lbs., which is 450 lbs. more than steel alternatives and weighing 30 lbs. less.

Optimal timing

It may be exactly the right time to purchase a hybrid truck.

Choosing the right level of partnership

The lackluster economy has forced many trucking companies to search for new ways to cut operating costs and improve efficiencies

Tires and brakes—a forced relationship

The biggest engine, the most powerful brakes, and the most sophisticated suspension systems are only as good as the power they transfer to the pavement.