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Podcast: The importance of coolant maintenance in the winter

We are smack in the middle of winter, and for fleets, that means it’s time to get those winter maintenance checklists updated. If your trucks run in areas of extreme cold and snow it is a crucial month for maintenance on all components of the vehicle. Let’s zero in on one specific component today: coolant.

Podcast: Volvo Trucks on the growth of regional haul trucking

One of the major trends of the last few years in the trucking industry has been the growth of the regional haul segment. Bolstered by factors ranging from the driver shortage to the growth of e-commerce, regional routes are becoming a larger percentage of the industry’s routes driven each year, and in 2020, this trend

Podcast: How regional haul fleets can maximize their fuel efficiency

In a tumultuous 2020 for trucking, regional haul and last-mile delivery fleets were some of the only applications that saw consistent traffic, especially in the spring as shutdowns hit and the economy was upended. But this was not just a 2020 phenomenon—regional haul is poised for growth in 2021 and beyond. Mike Roeth of the

Podcast: Cummins on hydrogen’s potential in the trucking industry

All month on Fleet Future we’ve been talking engines. But this week, we’re going to talk about an engine company that is branching out to other energy sources. Cummins recently held an online event dubbed Hydrogen Day, at which they affirmed their commitment to hydrogen power development to meet low-carbon and zero emissions goals that

Podcast: What’s the deal with over-the-air updates?

As part of our ongoing series on engines, FE’s David Sickels joins the Fleet Future podcast to talk about over-the-air updates. Listen to hear why OTA is growing in popularity in 2020, what capabilities might be coming next, and the unlikely connection between OTA and Seinfeld. Listen below, and catch up with more episodes of

Podcast: Choosing the right engine and transmission for vocational fleets

Western Star Trucks recently made news with the launch of its 49X vocational truck and DT12 Vocational series transmission, the first products launched since Daimler Trucks North America reorganized its business into on-highway and vocational segments. Both the truck and the transmission were made specifically for vocational applications, a demanding area of the trucking industry

Podcast: Thoughts on engine oil, used oil analysis

November is Engine Month—at least, it is here on the Fleet Future podcast. For our first engine-focused episode, we spoke with Jim Salmon of D-A Lubricant Co., who talked about the new trends in engine oil, as well as the benefits of used oil analysis. Listen below for the full conversation, and catch up with

Catch up with the electrification podcast series from Fleet Future

All throughout September and October, the Fleet Future podcast from FE has been focused on electrification, speaking with people throughout the industry on the details of electrification, the trucks that are coming to market and what interested fleets will need to know. Brush up on your electric truck knowledge below with all seven episodes of

Podcast: The State of Sustainable Fleets

In today’s episode of Fleet Future, we’re going to zoom out a bit from the electric truck discussion and talk about alternative fuels and sustainability in general. Why might fleets be interested, and how do they get started? A recently released study tackled some of those questions. The “State of Sustainable Fleets” report from Gladstein,

Podcast: Kenworth on the new battery electric K270E, K370E

Following last month’s announcement that two Kenworth battery electric medium-duty trucks, the K270E and K370E, are now available for order, FE connected with John Luoma, director of product planning at Kenworth, to get additional details about these trucks, from the specs to the applications they are best suited for. Listen to the interview below: This

Podcast: Electric truck talk with Daimler Trucks North America

Our series on electrification rolls on as Michael Scheib, head of e-mobility at Daimler Trucks North America, joins the Fleet Future podcast to talk about the company’s progress towards electrification—with production planned in 2022—what they’ve learned so far from testing and trials, and what fleets who might be interested in electric trucks need to know.

Podcast: NACFE’s Mike Roeth on the potential for electric trucks in regional haul

On this episode of the Fleet Future podcast, Mike Roeth of the North American Council for Freight Efficiency joins the podcast to talk about NACFE’s Run on Less Regional and what it revealed about the potential for electric trucks in regional haul applications. Listen to the podcast here: This is part of an ongoing series