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Podcast: Talking truck tires with Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier

Beyond our recent cover story, here are a few more topics covered by Cooper’s Gary Schroeder and Phil Mosier.

Podcast: Discussing Fleet Equipment’s 2019 Truck Trend of the Year

FE’s Trend of the Year for 2019 is the new innovations and products being put forward by the trucking industry’s suppliers.

Podcast: Talking autonomous trucks and the focus on the customer with Kenworth’s Kevin Baney

Kevin Baney, Kenworth general manager and PACCAR vice president, is interviewed in the latest edition of the Fleet Future podcast.

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Podcast: Making smart decisions about when to replace your older trucks

One of the most important considerations for fleet managers is how long you want to keep your trucks. Are you the type of fleet who wants to run every truck for a million miles, or do you want to keep a tight trade-in cycle so you’re almost always operating relatively new equipment. In this episode of the Fleet Future podcast, we spoke with Jim Griffin, chief operating officer and chief technology officer for Fleet Advantage, to ask him about how Fleet Advantage evaluates truck life cycles, and what fleets should be looking for.

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Fleet Future Podcast, episode 2: The present and the future of electric truck batteries

The battery is, of course, crucial to the future of electric trucks. For electric trucks to become more viable in real-world applications, batteries will have to hit a certain standard. So what is that standard, and how far away might it be? Joshua Goldman of Transpower, manufacturer of the batteries for Peterbilt’s electric trucks, is our guest as we talk through these issues and more on the electric trucking future.

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Fleet Future Podcast, episode 1: What fleets need to know now about electric trucks

The first episode of Fleet Future covers one of trucking’s most buzzed-about topics: electric trucks. Guest Mike Roeth of NACFE talks about the benefits of spec’ing early, the infrastructure that will need to be in place, and what applications will benefit the most from electrification.

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