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Realizing the Future of Smart Trailers

Do you know the locations of all your trailers and what conditions they are in, at all times? The answer for most fleets is no, meaning millions of drivers and pieces of equipment across North America are not fully optimized. A semi-functional fleet is likely to lose money, business, and a competitive edge – something

How to speed up maintenance and get trucks back on the road faster

For heavy-duty repair shops, the name of the game is efficiency. Your goal is to identify the issues with the trucks that come in and fix them, and you want to do this as quickly and efficiently as possible. You want to keep customers happy by getting their trucks back out on the road making

New M&R Software Innovations Keep Fleet Managers In Check

Over the last twelve to twenty-four months, it seems as though topics such as autonomous driving and ELD mandates have flooded the news headlines for the fleet transportation industry. And deservedly so, these are no doubt topical, important issues. However, in running your fleet day-to-day, understanding the evolution of maintenance and repair (M&R) issues continues

An Open Letter to the Trucking Industry

Finding solutions through collaboration A lot has changed since I joined the industry in the 1970s – the heyday decade of trucking culture. In 1980, deregulation changed the game, bringing with it more trucks, lower costs and greater competition. More than 30 years later, our vehicles have become more sophisticated, driver shortages are skyrocketing, and

Whitepaper Compares Weigh Station Bypass Service Providers

Trucking companies using weigh station bypass services save more than $8.68 and five minutes each time their truck bypasses a truck weigh station, according to a Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration calculation. However, each system operates differently, meaning what works well for one fleet, be it large or small or somewhere in between, doesn’t automatically

The Big Picture on Observation: Safety is More Than a Camera

  Observation has been a talking point in transportation industries for several years. In May of 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) updated FMVSS 111 to include mandatory back up cameras on any vehicle under 10,000 pounds. This mandate was not a surprise, with auto makers rolling out vehicles with rear observation systems

The Cost Benefits of Scheduled Maintenance For Your Fleet

Many fleet operators make a point to inspect, diagnose, and maintain their vehicles on a weekly or biweekly basis. It’s because preventative maintenance comes with great benefits, the biggest ones being: 1. Less Downtime Downtimes cost a lot of money. When one of your trucks breaks down, you’ll end up losing quite a bit of

Ensure Your Truck’s U-Joints Are Operating At The Correct Angle

As any truck driver will tell you, there’s nothing fun about a sudden U-joint failure. For this reason, knowing to inspect and maintain their truck’s U-joints regularly is of the utmost importance. However, many drivers and even some repair techs, don’t know that air suspension settings can have a big impact on U-joint wear and

Fuel Transfer and Filtration Systems

Maintaining diesel oil has always been a science, but with the advent of commercially prepared biodiesels, new threats have arisen from the depths of your fuel tank in the form of algae, sludge and other contaminants. Dangers of Biofuel: Biofuel contamination occurs when organic compounds are left clinging to the sides of a fuel tank

Oil In The Truck’s Coolant? Find The Culprit

If there is oil in a heavy duty truck’s coolant, it always means there’s a serious underlying problem. If repairs are made quickly, major damage can be prevented. Your employees should be inspecting your trucks on a regular schedule for signs of oil in the coolant. They should also be looking for signs of coolant

Where Protection Meets Fuel Savings: What To Know About FA-4 Oils

With a fleet to manage and a bottom line to protect, you don’t always have time to research things like the new API FA-4 diesel engine oil category. As we approach the second anniversary of first licensing for the new API Service Categories, it is worth highlighting the most notable trends and opportunities available with

Reducing Idling – Benefits and Outcomes

Reducing idling can provide benefits to fleets of all sizes. Though tackling the challenge may seem minuscule in comparison to other fleet management challenges, there are significant reasons to pay attention to it and cost benefiting reasons to reduce it. With some fleet managers already implementing solutions to reduce vehicle idling automatically and states putting