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Telematics of today – The answer to improved fleet management?

Improving fleet fuel costs, preventing vehicle accidents and increasing the safety of fleet operations requires the right fleet management solution. Where traditional telematics end at data collection, enhanced fleet management solutions extend with actionable improvements.

How vehicle tracking can help fleet managers cut costs, increase productivity

Fleet managers play a pivotal role within their organization. Knowing which vehicles are in use at all times, keeping on top of maintenance and encouraging safer driving behavior while reducing costs requires a large amount of time and resources. Luckily, new technologies such as real-time vehicle tracking can help. At its core, vehicle tracking pinpoints

Understanding Total Base Number in today’s HD engine oils

Total Base Number (TBN) has been a key indicator of remaining useful oil life in heavy duty engine oils. While acid neutralization is still an important function of engine oil, changes in engine design and the move to Ultra Low Sulfur Diesel (ULSD) fuels have decreased the amount of acids produced in the engine and