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Tuning in to technicians

Randal Andreasen’s top priorities are open communications and preventive maintenance training

Fuel economy: Onboard tire monitoring and inflation systems

Onboard tire monitoring and inflation systems

Top and Bottom

Roofs and floors are key factors to consider when specifying trailers

A translucent option

Fleets looking for faster, easier, and safer loading and unloading should consider specifying a translucent roof, Kemlite says.

Lighting the ceiling

Interior lighting quality is important in many trucking operations, and Truck-Lite says it works closely with truck and trailer manufacturers and fleet customers to provide lighting products to make their jobs safer, easier and more efficient.

Secrets to longer overhead door life

To get extra life out of overhead doors and ensure safe operation, follow this 13-point inspection checklist, provided by TODCO.

Proper inflation requires clean, dry air supply

Discussions on tire maintenance often turn to proper inflation maintenance as the most important cornerstone of a well designed program to maximize tire treadlife, casing durability and fuel economy.

What about ‘07?

The year 2006 has been a very busy year for both industry suppliers and their customers.

Technician Recruitment

Notes from the TMC Fall Meeting

Temperature control

Match the refrigeration unit and the box for ultimate performance

Smart Choices

For O&S Trucking, fuel-saving technologies, effective specification choices and efforts to improve the efficiency of its operations are enabling ongoing growth and success

Deciding factors — Insider tips on how to choose maintenance software

There are some basic considerations fleets may want to consider when choosing the right software. “Because each vehicle maintenance software vendor takes a different approach, fleets should evaluate the software and the company supplying the software,” says Ed Cooper, president and owner of Squarerigger Inc.